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  1. As salamu alaikum . I am a student & I ask duaa from you to succeed in my upcoming exam InshaAllah . I’m a regular reader of this website. MasaAllah keep up the good work👍🏻

    • inshah allah i’ll duaa for u,may allah make ur exam esiyer ameen, when u go to exam pray two rakath sunnath n duaa assalamualikkum warahmadullahi wabarakaduhu

  2. Great article!! I’m actually going to print it, if that’s possible; so I can always come back to it ! It changed my mindset alhamdulillah. jazakAllah khair. Please pray that I succeed in my studies and my life :)

  3. Assalamalaikum allamduliall good work giving awareness and helping to be a productive muslim allaha will give you reward new techniques isa guide line to work on good keep itup

  4. i have truly learn alots from your website and is part of my deflaut page and i pray that ALLAH will bless you and your team keep up the good work. jazakallahu khairayn

  5. Mashallah this is much needed practical info in a well written article. May Allah reward you for this. I feel a lot of times we are over ambitious I. What we want to accomplish and then end up missing out on the quality of the good we are doing. I always remind myself of the Sahabi who spent several years studying just sura Albaqara.

  6. That’s true.
    But you can also have a view of the students that they be more religious only during exams. And then shaytan plays a major role after that. It’s just like they want good grades and when they’ve finally got it they tend to change themselves and follow the path of shaytan.

  7. Assalamualaikum .. I from India. I recently subscribed to yur website . MASHAllah for those good words . May Allah bless yu to do more and to spread his words .

  8. I work full time. The problem is that I’m in customer service and I can’t take breaks anytime I feel like it. By the time I use the restroom, make wudu and pray at least 20-25 minutes have gone by. That’s the fastest I can do everything. Also, the room I have to pray in may be occupied by a patient. I only get 30 minutes for lunch and I offer my Dhuhr at that time instead of eating. Now the days are getting shorter and I will soon have to offer both Dhuhr and Asr while at work. HELP!

  9. Barakallahi fee!
    Not entirely sure that’s what happens with students all the time. Mostly, we just haven’t attached Salat as a MAJOR part of our lives, so it can be delayed till the time for Isha? Then why not. Don’t want to be seen as being odd? I can say it all when I get back in. Why not. So its more a laxity on the part of saying Salat, not putting it in the right place in our lives that I think plays out more with students and a lot of us too.

  10. Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu
    I face the Challenge of getting distracted all the time.. whenever I sit to begin homework I get distracted very easily what can I do?
    It actually also results in me getting the homework done quite late

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