5 Great Work Out Apps!

Are you trying to get in shape? If so, might as well use technology to help your journey! Here are 5 apps for you to consider for your fitness goals.

You walk into the office and realize, stopping dead in your tracks – your phone is still charging in the kitchen.

And then it sinks in: a whole day without my phone? GULP!

Not only do you feel “naked” all of a sudden, you will most likely feel miserable until your eager fingers grasp the rectangular, light, pocket-fitting best friend you just can’t live without.

Our smart phones keep us on our A-game as they serve as the main medium to connect us with people, information and events. For me personally, it is my calendar, it is my news source and now, it is becoming a great way to manage my health and sustain a fit lifestyle.

There is no shortage of amazing fitness applications that are keeping up with the modern phenomenon of meeting consumer needs. Fortunately now, beyond playing games like Scrabble on your phone, you can also access a plethora of health apps, which can be used by health professionals as well as any member of the greater public to do everything from looking up symptoms, to monitoring symptoms (blood pressure and glucose), finding treatment, finding directions and even to making an appointment – consider adding WebMD Mobile, iPharmacy and Dental Expert to your “to download” list.

For the purpose of this article though, we are going to focus on some top fitness applications. There are so many to choose from, and I encourage you to explore your respective phone’s marketplace. However, use the recommendations given below as a starting point since we did some of the research for you:

1) My Fitness Pal

This is a great free app, which helps you count calories and keep a record of what you have eaten during the day. You can type your age, gender and lifestyle habits into the program along with your weight loss target and the app will give you a recommended daily calorie intake. You can also keep track of how much exercise you have done throughout the day. Many studies have proven that tracking daily calories results in a higher likelihood of losing weight. The best feature is that the app takes note of what you tend to eat and makes it easier for you to update the journal. Go ahead, start counting!

2) Nike Training App

Don’t have the time and money to see a personal trainer? Nike has invented a solution for you: an app that gives you your very own personal trainer at your convenience. There are more than 85 custom built workouts that match your goals, which are categorized as getting lean, toned, strong, and focused. The one drawback is that it’s only for iPhone, iPod, and iPad users. Sorry Droid-ers and Blackberry-ers!

3) Daily XX Workout

There are applications such as the “Daily Ab Workout” and the “Daily Cardio Workout” that are great because they change up your fitness routine. Each workout is about 5-10 minutes and can be done from your home or gym to work on your core, abs and endurance. All the workouts are demonstrated by certified personal trainers as well. The interface is simple and the videos are clear and easy to follow. Beyond abs and cardio, there is also daily yoga, butt, arms and legs etc. to consider.

4) Authentic Yoga

This app is one of the best for yoga and has been rated among the top 10 in Apple’s health/fitness category. It offers audio instruction from Deepak Chopra, accompanied by easy to follow visuals from yoga instructor Tara Stiles. The moves are traditional and focus on trouble spots like the shoulders and back.

5) Daily Burn

Our last application is one that marries the process of tracking calories and exercise so that you can manage both in one tool as opposed to using different applications. Similarly, this is a tool that aims to help you lose weight, build your core strength and achieve an overall healthier lifestyle. The application features a calorie counter with more than 350,000 foods. It can scan a product’s bar code with your iPhone camera and get nutrition information instantly uploaded and it can set and track calorie goals, even get a breakdown of your daily intake of protein, fat, carbs and more. For those that are more visual, you can also graph your weight and body fat over time so that your improvement is tracked.

Since the options are endless, it is hard to just narrow down to the five top applications, but I advise you to do your research and see which one of these is best for your goals and lifestyle. The strategy to adopt is to have one or two apps that you use diligently.

In addition to these five, and the health ones mentioned above, there are dozens more applications that can better suit your needs, such as providing office workouts at your desk for a break (iSometrics or Breakpal), or providing access to a virtual personal trainer who will customize workouts for you (Pocket trainer or FitOrbit).

Please write to me and let me know what apps worked for you – keep your 2012 resolutions alive and please try not to leave your phone plugged in at home because it may result in you forgoing a workout! Happy App-Hunting!

Already use an app for fitness? Let us know what you’re using in the comments below!

About the Author

Sarah Hassaine
Nadoona Exercise Consultant
Born in Algeria and raised in San Diego, CA, Sarah’s goal is to reach out to women and help them incorporate healthy living into their daily lives. This can be through exercise, healthy eating tips, toning and stretching. Her motto is the littlest action can go a long way. In January of 2010, Sarah got certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer. Her enthusiasim and passion for health is contagious. She’ll be sure to whip you into shape and make sure you have fun doing it! Contact her at team@nadoona.com or look for more information atwww.nadoona.com.