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    • Thank you. The sport really has very many useful skills to teach. I actually have a lot of fun and on the way benefit from its lessons. The interesting thing is also, that when life takes you out of your balance and you go back to the field it helps you recentre, find your balance and get rid of the thought processes that stand in the way of hitting gold.

  1. We shoot for sausages and any other prize, that comes to mind. It can get quite commical. Would’nt want to miss the grilling part either. The club Im now in built themselves a hut, grill, building and made it really comfortable. It’s in the woods. Kids have a thrill shooting and indirectly develop concentration techniques. Its a nice family sport.

  2. Mashallah inspiring article,,as we reside in jeddah,,saudi arabia,,it not easy to find archery clubs so easily,,but we are trying to modify things n start the momentum at home..jazakAllah khair

    • Assalamualaikum, it’s really too bad, that there are’nt many clubs. In islamic past, there used to be very many archery fields in each city. A sports park sounds like a business idea for Jeddah. (-;

    • Assalamualaikum, sounds like you also are an archer. How long have you been at it? What’s your equipment? What’s your distance? Really interested.

    • Wa Alaikum Assalam, Im just imagining having the islamic lecture right at the archery field about niyya and habits and after the lecture the students shoot and the teacher corrects them again. Actually sounds like a really good teaching technique. That would leave such a lasting personal development impact.

  3. Assalamu alaykum to all brothers and sisters!
    MashaAllah, that’s one inspirational article. Not only as an idea but also to give an outline about what to do if one decides to go for archery.

    To Kareem Shehadeh Rifai, btw, I’m Turkish, so if you need any help with your Turkish learning experience, I would like to help anyway I possibly can.

    Jazakallahu khayran kathira…

  4. Salam alaykum, its really a great article, I m an archer and practicing for
    More than 1 year, only 1 time per week, I found a nice. Idea to have the grill in the club ;) I think muslims must be the best archers in the world like Koreans , as we have all needed things to success.
    Thank you.

  5. Aslmwlkm

    My freinds and family call me ARCHER. I’m an archer for +- 20yrs this year and I agree totaly with this article. I teach archery aswell. For those who want to take up archery, make sure you get advice from an experienced archer.
    Most importatly, learn to shoot a bow with a good archer and In Sha Allah you will learn to enjoy and love the sport !!!!!!!!!!
    I still feel ” like a child in a toy shop for the first time ” everytime I pick my bow up !!!!!!!
    REMEMBER -“” PERFECT”” practice makes perfect.

    I’m from Johannesburg South Africa.

  6. We’re a gaggle of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community.
    Your site offered us with useful information to work on. You have done an impressive activity and our whole community will likely
    be thankful to you.

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