Book Review: Real Life Lessons from The Holy Qur’an for the 21st Century Muslim

Book Review: Real Life Lessons from The Holy Qur’an for the 21st Century MuslimBook: Real Life Lessons from The Holy Qur’an for the 21st Century Muslim
Author: Muhammad Bilal Lakhani
ISBN: 9960-9829-9-8
Publisher: Darussalam

In just 96 pages, this book will change your life for better. The author’s aim is to inspire you and make you a better Muslim. The inspiration for the book is derived from the verse:

“(This is) a Book (the Quran) which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its Verses, and that men of understanding may remember.” [Qur’an: Chapter 38, Verse 29]

Who Is This Book For?

This book is for every person who is trying to get closer to Allah and follow the blessed Qur’an but has failed. For someone who has read many books and is yet unable to start truly living Islam. For someone who has read books and found them either too complicated or too easy and couldn’t relate to them. I am an avid reader and this book is by far the most easy to relate to and understand. A kind of book that will successfully gain its entry into the book club of enjoyable reads!


What Does the Book Cover?

The author covers what we need to do when life is: good/not as good/when Allah begins to test our health. He presents to us a compilation of uplifting verses from the Qur’an to help us through rough times. Every section ends with a “Last Word” full of wisdom and inspiration. This book contains a contract between you and Allah. The contact is official in its presentation and has 5 articles and sub sections. There is a mock contract and detailed explanation of how one needs to go about this contract for maximum benefit.

This book is ideal in helping teenagers get over pornography, addicts in getting over their drinking or smoking addictions, or anyone in getting over depression, understanding the purpose of life and be content with Allah’s decree. The author ensures that the contract gives you the extra push that’s always needed to bring a positive change in your life.

What are the Book’s Other Amazing Features?

My favorite part: the author gives us a realistic, easy and achieveable step-by-step plan to achieve Jannah! And who doesn’t want Jannah?! He then steers us towards a “fool proof” method of staying out of Hell. He skilfully describes how shaytan works and what his weapons of mass destruction are. Most importantly, he presents a compilation of Qur’anic verses describing Hell: Subhan Allah, this compilation is something that we need to read and reflect upon daily. Additionally, readers are also taught how to master the art of repentance.

Any More Interesting Stuff?

If you are reading this I like you: because you are greedy for knowledge just like me! A detailed verse by verse explanation of Prophet Yusuf’s story is added just before the end. After reading this section, I sincerely prayed that someone reads this book and writes the entire Qur’an in a similar fashion for kids and especially for teenagers. The way the verses are presented with detailed notes makes this beautiful surah so relatable and easy to implement! I have watched detailed tafseer videos on Surah Yusuf but nothing effected me quite like these notes did. The author gives us 25 real life lessons from the story of Prophet Yusuf’s life.

He ends the book with some pointers on money and Islam, friends and foes, state of the Muslim nation, women and Islam and the last word on being a Muslim in the 21st Century.

Is It Too Long?

I finished this book in a day and so can everyone else. It has nothing to do with my reading skills and everything to do with the way this book is written. You cannot put it down! It’s so easy to read, the writer covers nearly everything in just 96 pages. I highly recommend purchasing this book for yourself and gifting it to at least one person (preferably a teenager/an introvert/younger sibling/revert/donating it to a Masjid Library).

After you finish this book you will begin having a more beautiful relationship with Qur’an and Islam. This book is not a one-time read – every time I go through some hardship I keep coming back to the 25 real life lessons from the story of Prophet Yusuf.

This book will be your friend, your companion (a fun one at it) and a source of greater pleasure that awaits its reader at its end: a strong connection with the blessed Qur’an and Allah Himself, in sha Allah.