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  1. Brilliant author. Also check out his book – one of my favorites – Leadership Lessons from the Life of Rasoolullah (SAW)

    Jazakumu Llahu Khairan, this article is apt and so beneficial to me as i am presently confronted with the challenge of fixing a polarised team.

  3. This is really very interesting. Interesting because it is not theoretical but actually has been tested in the work environment. Jezakallah.

  4. This article added more to personal growth side n is really useful. Keep up the good work n keep sending productive pieces,jazakumullah khair . This helped in fixing a polarized team.

  5. If this type of mutual understanding is there between two persons very easily we can win the Heart of the other and this will pave the way for smooth running of the business. All six points are wonderful but if we can maintain this success is there in our feet and no need to panic here and there.

  6. Its pretty useful, especially when you believe that life is a battle field, and you have to fight back every day, every single moment, thanks for sharing…

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