Productive Ramadan Daily Planner

Productive Ramadan Daily Planner | ProductiveMuslim

Download Productive Ramadan Daily Planner By now you’ve seen the Productive Ramadan Taskinator and, hopefully, jotted down your schedule for the month. Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty view of each day. This is where the Productive Ramadan Daily Planner comes in. How to use Productive Ramadan Daily Planner ? Using this worksheet, your salah gets top priority on

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[Ramadan Series] Rethinking Time Management this Ramadan: Part 1

Rethinking Time Management this Ramadan: Part 1

The Time Management Imperative Before we begin, it’s worth reminding ourselves why Ramadan has a time management imperative. David Allen, creator of the world famous GTD system, has explained that when we want to do anything at any given moment, there are four criteria which should determine our choices: context, time available, energy and priority. If you think carefully, all

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