[Interview] Secrets of a Productive Muslimah – Maryam Amirebrahimi (Part 1)


At ProductiveMuslimah, we are believe the ultimate secret to a successful Muslimah is that she strives with sincere intentions and uses all the resources around her to achieve the highest stations in Paradise. We are always looking for the ‘secrets to productivity’ and wanted to explore how some of the Muslim women today manage time effectively and perform the best in all the roles they hold being a mother, wife, daughter, professional, activist and more! So we decided to get some of the ‘Productive Muslimahs’ of our time in the hot seat to find out their top tips and secrets to become a Productive Muslimah!

We are very excited to be joined in the first part of a series of interviews with Sister Maryam Amirebrahimi, a regular author on, a Tae Kwon Do second degree black belt, student of knowledge and hafidha of the Qur’an! She is in our ProductiveMuslimah hot seat today so we asked her to tell us her secrets on how she manages to stay productive while juggling her studies, writing and family life!

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Use Your Pencil to Read the Qur’an with Reflection


Use Your Pencil to Read the Qur'an with Reflection | ProductiveMuslim
Photo by mr.urganci: flickr[dot]com/photos/mrurganci/

Are you constantly seeking a better relationship with the Qur’an but feel frustrated with the huge tafsir books and your tight schedule? You’re not alone.

Well, let’s start this off with a confession. I have always found it hard to keep a daily wird of reciting Qur’an (the part of the Qur’an one reads or assigns to him/herself daily). Sometimes I would get my spirits up and commit, but that would last for a couple of weeks only. I used to come up with a whole lot of excuses: You’re a medical student. You have exams. You’ve had a long day today. Tomorrow is a long day, you need to go to sleep.

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[Reader Discussion] Observing Salah When You’re Out and About

[Reader Discussion] Observing Salah When You're Out and About | ProductiveMuslim

Alhamdulillah, we’ve been sharing many tips and resources on how you can work better and be a truly productive Muslim. Now it’s your turn to help our readers!

Every month, we will host a Productive Muslim’s reader discussion thread where you can share and learn from each other tips that help you become more productive.

Thank you for the many interesting opinions and tips on our last discussion on productivity when you’re ill! The theme for this month is how to safeguard your salah when you’re outside your home.

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Overcome Soft Addictions: Habits That Keep Us From Our Goals


Overcome Soft Addictions: Habits That Keep Us From Our Goals | ProductiveMuslim
Image Credit: fynali,

We are witnessing a growing trend of addictions to what I would like to call demoralising desires and temporary pleasures.

We know of our purpose, we know of our destination — so why do we continue to live for the dunya (this world, as opposed to the Hereafter) as if it were our only goal and the real essence of our existence?

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[Book Review] In Praise Of Slow


[Book Review] In Praise Of Slow | ProductiveMuslim

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” – Gandhi

This sentence speaks volumes and makes a perfect opening to Carl Honoré’s book — In Praise of SLOW: How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed.

In the spirit of Ramadan and one’s desire to enjoy every minute of this blessed month, it seems quite intriguing to find a global movement that calls upon people to “slow down” and enjoy their lives.

In a world where people are sold the idea that “faster is better”, the idea of slowing down seems almost impossible. However, this book offers a prescription for escape.

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