[Interview] Secrets of a Productive Muslimah – Maryam Amirebrahimi (Part 2)


[Interview] Secrets of a Productive Muslimah - Maryam Amirebrahimi (Part 2) | ProductiveMuslim
Photo by Mohd Althani: flickr[dot]com/photos/33707373@N03/

A few weeks ago, ProductiveMuslimah caught up with Sister Maryam Amirebrahimi, a regular author on, a Tae Kwon Do second degree black belt, student of knowledge and hafidha of the Qur’an! In the first part, Sr Maryam told us about how she came to study Arabic, and how she manages her time between so many different activities. This week, she gives us invaluable advice for memorising Qur’an, and how sisters can take an active role within the community.

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[Productive Parenting] Sibling Rivalry: The Good and The Bad


[Productive Parenting] Sibling Rivalry: The Good and The Bad | ProductiveMuslim
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Sibling rivalry is as old as the two sons of Adam 'alayhi'l-salām (peace be upon him), Habeel and Qabeel. And we know the unfortunate way it ended.

Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) tells about this common issue in great detail in surat Yusuf, chapter 12 of the Qur’an.

Being a mother myself, I realized that – left unattended – these emotions can cause severe harm to our children as individuals and as siblings since they are family and Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) has put great emphasis on maintaining the ties of kinship.

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[Reader Discussion] Productivity Bucket List

[Reader Discussion] Productivity Bucket List | ProductiveMuslim

Alhamdulillah, we’ve been sharing many tips and resources on how you can work better and be a truly productive Muslim. Now it’s your turn to help our readers!

Every month, we will host a Productive Muslim’s reader discussion thread where you can share and learn from each other tips that help you become more productive.

Thank you for the many interesting opinions and tips on our last discussion on observing salah when you’re out and about!

The theme for this month actually comes from one of our readers. What’s on your productivity bucket list?

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We’re Looking for Volunteers!

We're Looking for Volunteers! | ProductiveMuslim
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ProductiveMuslim started as a simple blog driven by Abu Productive’s vision towards inspiring others to lead productive lives. Today, the blog has developed into an established platform on productivity — managed by a virtual team of more than 20 volunteers from around the globe. The website draws 80,000 unique visitors each month, and holds a strong social media presence with hundreds of thousands of followers across its various platforms.

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5 Hacks To Be a Better Daughter!


5 Hacks To Be a Better Daughter! | ProductiveMuslim

At ProductiveMuslimah, we realise sisters have a difficult time trying to live up to their expectations in all the different roles in our lives – whether it is as a mother, wife, worker and a worshipper. Being a good daughter has been on my mind for a long time as I often meet sisters who feel they are failing in this role. I have myself struggled to find the balance at times in serving my parents and other demands of life. Recently I have adopted a few hacks to help me in this pursuit to be a better daughter, and note I chose the word ‘better’, because none of us are perfect!

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