The 30-day Sugar-Free Challenge

The 30-day Sugar-Free Challenge
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Sugar (especially in the form of chocolate!) is a treat we all love and crave. Unsurprisingly, over the winter months I found myself consuming more chocolate, sweets and cakes than usual. I would always overindulge with those extra chocolate brownie bites, and let’s face it, when its bite size it does not seem so bad. So when I tried the 30-day Sugar-Free Challenge, it really showed me how dependent I was on sugary foods and helped me make better food choices.

It is easy to become negligent when it comes to food, diet and nutrition. When you go to the supermarket, you see more junk food aisles than healthy food ones. We see fast-food chains on every high street and advertising from the food industry is constantly bombarding us with images of sweets, chocolates and junk food. In fact, we’re more bombarded now than ever before with unending images of food and indulgence on social media sites. This constant exposure and temptation has made us accustomed to unhealthy food choices and bad eating habits. Continue reading

[Doodle of the Month] 10 Actions for Sisters to Boost Self-Confidence

[Doodle of the Month] 10 Actions for Sisters to Boost Self-Confidence
Doodle cover by : Aneesah Satriya

Do you struggle with self-confidence? Find out how to give your confidence a boost with these 10 actions!

What tips do you have to share with us about increasing self-confidence? Leave a comment below!

This doodle is based on the article 10 Actions for Sisters to Boost Self-Confidence. Continue reading

[Reader Discussion] How to Have a Relaxed and Refreshing Weekend

[Reader Discussion] How to Have a Relaxed and Refreshing Weekend
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Every month, we host a ProductiveMuslim reader discussion where you can share ideas and tips to help each other become more productive. Last month, readers shared many interesting ideas on What You Can Do While You Commute.

The theme for this month’s discussion is how you can have a relaxed and refreshing weekend. Continue reading

[SISTERS] A Short Guide to Reclaim Balance in our Lives


[SISTERS] A Short Guide to Reclaim Balance in our Lives | ProductiveMuslim
Image Credit: Steve Hardy | flickr(dot)com/photos/rockmixer

Assalam ‘alaikum, sisters! Subhan Allah, we are fast approaching the end of 2014. You, like many others, may be reflecting on how the year has unfolded. Are you on track with your goals? Are you feeling a sense of calm or are you overwhelmed? It is quite possible to be experiencing the latter, especially if you have a lot on your plate and the previous months didn’t quite go as you had planned.

Sometimes life throws challenges our way and we draw on our faith to get through them, but we may still feel a little bit anxious or off balance.

Life coach Sayeda Habib provides tips on how to reclaim your emotional balance in order to enhance your wellbeing and quality of life.

Continue reading

10 Actions for Sisters to Boost Self-Confidence


10 Actions for Sisters to Boost Self-Confidence | ProductiveMuslim
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One of the major barriers to productivity I often hear about when I meet sisters across the world, is the lack of self-confidence. I know from personal experience that is isn’t easy to develop confidence – some people are born with it, but I believe for most of us, it has to be developed and nurtured as we grow! I often have friends and family tell me I carry an aura of confidence about me; some wonder ‘what’s her secret?’ – it has has certainly taken some training! It is really disheartening to see Muslim women who are so talented, educated and ambitious thwart their progress and productivity because they have low self-esteem. I’d like to explore how we sisters can boost our own confidence with practical tips from the Qur’an and Sunnah. Continue reading