A Few Moments of Inspiration: An Interview with Dr.Walid Fitaihi


A Few Moments of Inspiration: An Interview with Dr.Walid Fitaihi | ProductiveMuslim

“The Miracle of Islam is different. If you put the Qur’an in front of you for hundreds of years and watch it, it will do nothing. […] The true miracle is the ability of this Qur’an to go inside this mind of the human being and bring the miracle of that human being. The true miracle in Islam is you and me, if we want it to be!”- Dr. Walid Fitaihi.

In just few moments of inspiration, the outstanding Saudi Arabian Doctor Fitaihi tells ProductiveMuslim how one could recapture the spark of productivity within him/her.

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Interview with Imam Suhaib Webb

Interview with Imam Suhaib Webb | ProductiveMuslim

Today’s special guest is a contemporary American Muslim resident scholar, educator, founder and instructor at Ella Collins Institute and former imam of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. Yes, he’s none other than Imam Suhaib Webb!

In this interview, Imam Suhaib Webb reveals to Abu Productive his biggest productivity challenge and how he manages to overcome it. He also gives invaluable advice to youth, discusses his own struggles and successes, and describes what it takes to be a productive imam.

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Dhikr For the ‘Mum on the Run’


Dhikr For the 'Mum on the Run' | ProductiveMuslim

Wake up, Fajr salah. Get the kids up, breakfast, uniforms, school bags. Check. Rush to school. Back home, do the dishes, vacuum the living room, prepare lunch and dinner, Dhuhr salah. Check. 3:30pm, pick up the kids, fix a snack, finish making dinner, ‘Asr salah. Help with homework, teach Qur’an, Maghrib salah. Dinner. Get the kids to bed. Isha salah.

Your eyes drift as soon as your head hits the pillow. You promised yourself that you would recite some words in remembrance of Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He), but your slumber overtakes you.

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[Productive Relationships] Reconnect With People You Care About


[Productive Relationships] Reconnect With People You Care About | ProductiveMuslim

In a fast-paced society, routines tend to become rote and mechanical. Day in day out, we commit to the regular tasks of the week: driving to and from work, taking kids to and from school, and fitting in as many extracurricular activities as possible – all without much thought and emotions. As the pace picks up, we can unknowingly disengage with the important people in our lives such as husbands, wives, children, parents, other family, friends and neighbours. Even though we interact with these people on a daily basis, we can still find ourselves emotionally detached. We may be physically there but with our thoughts racing to catch up with our busy routines, our minds can be elsewhere.

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