[Review] Chocolate Centred Goodness in a Sweet Package!

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[Review] Chocolate Centred Goodness in a Sweet Package! | Productive Muslim
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A while back, as I begun my journey as a professional Muslimah, I was searching for something that would help me understand what I really wanted from work life and how to balance my career with the demands of family life. That’s when I came across the Chocolate Centred course by Sr. Saiyyidah Zaidi, and it was like opening a box of chocolate centred goodness in a sweet package!

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[Book Review] What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

[Book Review] What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast | Productive MuslimWhen my colleague advocated that I have a ‘quick’ read of this 40 page e-book, I smiled and thought “no sweat!”

Personally, I’m a paper book reader so it was a tad tedious getting through the first few e-pages. Bear in mind, I did not know this author, but the name had been mentioned somewhere before, so I did have a slight curiosity to her writings.

I slowly trudged through the Intro as it mentioned early mornings and the most forbidden word in my dictionary: e-x-e-r-c-i-s-e.

Suddenly, halfway through the 4th page my mind did a double take and I sat up to take note! Laura Vanderkam had captured my attention with this: “In a world of constant connectivity, of managing global organizations, the day can quickly get away from you as other people’s priorities invade — sometimes even those of the people you love dearly and share a home with.”

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[Book Review] Du’as of the SuperStars: The Formulae for Success

[Book Review] Du’as of the SuperStars: The Formulae for Success - Productive MuslimScope

I opted to review this book based solely on the title. I had never heard of the author AlimaAshfaq before, nor did I know that she had several other publications, was a presenter on Unity FM, had worked with AlMaghrib Institute and conducts seminars and workshops across the UK as an instructor and owner of her own company, while also posting on 2 blog sites!

Du’as of the Superstars: Formulae for Success, third edition, encompasses a whole lot more than the title suggests. It is not just another book of du’as. It is a treasure trove of gems. When I read the preface, I thought to myself: ‘I know this formula; everyone does.’ Although the ‘secret formula’ that Alima addresses in this book seems to be common knowledge, she puts the message forth in a different dimension. What you think you know, concepts that you have probably read about before and duas that you have you read a myriad of times in the Holy Quran, is presented in Du’as of the Superstars in a new perspective that keeps you paging. Continue reading

[Interview with Author] Maryam Mehded Sinclair

[Interview with Author] Maryam Mehded Sinclair - Productive MuslimSister Maryam is the author of a number of Islamic books, both in written and audio formats. Her latest book is called When Wings Expand and explores how a Muslim copes with hardship and loss. We caught up with Sister Maryam to find out more about her work, her latest book and, of course, practical tips for emotional productivity!

Assalam alaikum Sister Maryam. Thank you for taking the time to be with us. To begin with, please tell us a little more about yourself and your work.

I have committed myself to writing vivid and reliable narrations of Qur’anic and traditional Islamic stories. I say vivid because I want people to feel the reality of the events, and reliable because one of the miracles of Islam is that its knowledge has been preserved in the miracle of the Glorious Qur’an and by meticulous scholarship such as the world has never seen. Having grown up a Christian, I developed the habit of ‘If you don’t know, make it up.’ That kind of thing may be necessary in traditions where the knowledge has been lost, but that is not the case with Islam and the Qur’an alhamdulillah, and in fact Allah has promised it never will become the case. So verifying everything becomes crucial.

What motivated you to write When Wings Expand and what is the story about?

Initially what motivated me to write was a desire to revisit some things I myself had lived. Later, on suggestions from an editor the Continue reading