Consuming Electronic Media in Moderation: Tips by Muhammad Alshareef


Consuming Electronic Media in Moderation: Tips by Muhammad Alshareef | ProductiveMuslim
Getting distracted

Do you ever wind up at a website and then, looking left and right in confusion, ask yourself, “What am I doing here?” Yes, your brain has crashed. Thank you, electronic media.

On and on it goes: Whatsapp ding-ding-ding! I messaged you on LinkedIn, did you see it? You have 6 new messages, 12 new likes, 8 new emails, 3 shares, 12 hearts — and that was since you last checked 2 minutes ago!

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What’s In A Productive Muslimah’s Bag?


What's In A Productive Muslimah's Handbag? | ProductiveMuslim
Image Credit: Sarraa Hassan

A while back, we posted out an article called ‘5 Wardrobe Hacks of Productive Muslimah‘ and we got a hugely positive response. It seems that us sisters can allow our wardrobes to get the better of us and it can impact on our productivity too. In light of this, I wanted to share with you all another few secrets from my closet but this time related to the all essentials in a handbag that most sisters carry around.

One of the common issues I have found with sisters – whether they are students, mothers or professionals – is that they can often not find the most important thing whilst rummaging through their handbag. At important times (during a meeting or when you are travelling), it is time-saving to have everything well organised in your handbag, to be able to access things quickly and easily whilst carrying less unnecessary baggage – this will ultimately make us better organised and more productive.

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[SISTERS] 5 Tips for Spiritual Reformation at Work


[SISTERS] 5 Tips for Spiritual Reformation at Work | ProductiveMuslim

Do you remember Ramadan? The high imaan, the sweetness in prayer, the love for reading Qur’an – nearly four months later, it is just as important to try and keep the imaan high, although this can be hard, especially when we are caught up in work.

For many of us as Muslimahs out in the working world or even at home, it can be a challenge to sustain our spirituality post-Ramadhan. Many sisters I know complain of the need to reform their spiritual habits and I count being in in good companionship as one of the vital ways to continually boost your spiritual development.

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9 Tips to be a Pro at Work


Success at work as a professional requires continued effort and dedication. If you’re a Muslim who works in a non-Muslim environment, you may find some situations more challenging, especially when your work requirements conflict with your values and religious obligations. Below are 9 quick tips that can set you on the right track to success in the workplace, In sha Allah.

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1. Know Yourself

  • Honestly complete your own SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis vis-à-vis your job and organization.
  • Find strengths to exploit, weaknesses to work on, weaknesses to hide, opportunities to go after and threats to manage.
  • Understand how each of these may impact your career.

For example, if public speaking is your weakness, you can either decide that it is an important skill to have and choose to work on it by taking public speaking classes, or you can find a way to avoid ever having to do public speaking.

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Interview with David Allen: the Guru of Getting Things Done


Interview with David Allen: the Guru of Getting Things Done | ProductiveMuslim
Image source: thelegacyproject[dot]co[dot]za/david-allen-productivity-consultant/

Do you have a pile of work that needs to be done but you just can’t come around to doing it? And has this got you feeling distracted and overwhelmed?

If yes, then this interview is for you!

Abu Productive brings you gems and tips from the father of modern-day productivity, David Allen. He also explores how Allen’s renowned “Getting Things Done” (GTD) global movement could relate to and practically enhance the productivity of different individuals regardless of their age, profession or position.

In just under 30 minutes, you will learn:

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