[Productive Muslim Academy] The Inside Out Approach to Change Based on the Qur’anic Model

Earlier, we had published an 8-part Productive Thinking Series by Br. Thurein Win. Due to its popularity, Br. Thurein has graciously created a free tutorial series & eBook on Productive Muslim Academy that explores on a deeper level the first foundational steps to creating a productive mindset.

Here, we share with you the first video of the 3-part Productive Thinking tutorial series, “The Inside Out Approach to Change Based on the Qur’anic Model”.

In this 25-minute tutorial from Productive Muslim Academy, you’ll learn:

  • How productive thinking is the 20% that makes 80% of the difference to break negative cycles
  • Learn about the inside out approach to change based on the Qur’anic model of starting with a vision and working on the self
  • Explore the concept of “Above the Line Thinking” — what it is, why it’s important, and how to use it as the key to creating real lasting change
  • Gain insights into how the structure of your brain indicates the model through which Muslims should think about and work on their productivity
  • Understand how to implement the “Be-Do-Have Model” that is based on the Qur’anic model of effective action

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How did you find the tutorial? Feel free to discuss your thoughts or share the most valuable lesson or inspiration you gained from this tutorial.

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The Very Best of My Productive Muslim Journey

Over the past 3 and half years I have been on an immense journey, one which has changed my attitude and treatment towards living life as a useful and beneficial person. Stumbling upon ProductiveMuslim in summer 2009 was one of the best online moments I could have had – as a result of it I ended up working for ProductiveMuslim, alhamdulillah!

Working for ProductiveMuslim, which was a sleek black and white blog back then, was truly a new venture upon which I was ready to apply my small amount of skills and knowledge to (you might vaguely remember the skinny man below!).  It was the vision and mission of the organisation which drove me to read the articles shared, listen to the videos we know so well as the good ol’ ‘Friday Naseeha’ and then in a spontaneous meeting at university in late 2009 I decided I’d contact the Founder directly to offer my ‘suggestions and ideas’ for ProductiveMuslim to see how I could contribute to the vision for productivity in the Ummah, a vision I felt compelled to share.

Since then, I’ve been able to work with an online, dedicated global team. A team that has gone from being a small group of individuals using simple innovations such as gmail to super cool online project management tools to make it the efficient and effectively led organisation that it is today in spreading its message to thousands around the world. I’ve had some of the VERY best moments whilst working in what can be classed as a rather unusually structured online organisation yet it has taught me some of the most profound lessons which I share below. An organisation which brought me to meet some of the most productive Muslims I’ve known who live by the motto:

‘Have sincere intentions & work hard’.

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