How To Have A Guilt Free Ramadan:
30 Tips To Help YOU Make The Most of Each Ramadan Day

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Productive Muslim Academy Ramadan Online Course

Productive Muslim Academy Ramadan Online Course

As promised, this free eBook contains 30 tips or messages of Productivity to help you make the most of each Ramadan day. This book should be part of your daily routine during Ramadan. Read the day’s message then spend 10-15 minutes with our famous Ramadan Taskinator worksheet to plan that day of Ramadan for yourself.

ProductiveMuslim Productive Ramadan eBook: 30 Tips For A Guilt Free Ramadan

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The truth is, brothers and sisters, we need to seriously re-think the way we are spending our Ramadan, and we need to make some serious efforts to have a productive Ramadan – both on an individual level as well as on an Ummah level. We need to build a system and community that prepares, trains, and supports us all in having a fulfilling and productive Ramadan.

This is where Productive Ramadan Online Course comes in for YOU to reveal how to do all of the below 7 points and more to help you make the most of each Ramadan day. We welcome you to join our online course where I’ll be teaching tips, techniques, and ideas for you to have a truly Productive Ramadan, Insha’Allah!

This system should help us cover the following 7 practical points:

  1. Understand the principles of “You Alone We Worship and You Alone We Seek For Help”
  2. How to manage our energies to make the most of Ramadan and not feel tired.
  3. How to focus at work, school, or home whilst fasting
  4. How to manage our sleep during Ramadan to make the most of the month.
  5. How to develop spiritually during Ramadan
  6. How to use fitness to help us stay sharp during Ramadan
  7. How to manage our time effectively in the holy month

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Learn how to live your best Ramadan ever inshaAllah

I look forward to helping you become a true Productive Muslim/Muslimah.

Mohammed A. Faris
(Abu Productive)