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  1. I’m not a Muslim but I love this so much. I need a website to download the soft copy if there is?
    Thank you.

  2. Asalamalaikum,
    One question though…the author states that Dale Carnegie committed suicide..but on the internet it says that he died from Hodgkin's disease. Um..confused??

  3. MashaAllah i ‘ve finally found the book, almost finish it… love traveling over centuries with the lovely sheikh Muhammad al-Arifi, he bring us back to Muhammad (saw) then put us back to our reality, our world… If you ‘ve already watch some lectures of him when you’re reading the book it is like if you were at one of his lecture, like if he was just here in front of you… subhanAllah so many advices… Love it! Thanks to you for sharing it. Bless u :-)

  4. I have skip and read some of the chapters of the book and one of the advice i love the most is only comment on that which is good.

    After reading this review i defiantly have to read the book from page to page

  5. Smiply luuuuuuuuuuuvvvvv the book …
    I would recommend that one read this book once every two months because as humans we have a very bad habit of forgetting things, and this book is an excellent reminder.

    May Allah bless the author for his hardwork and may He, the Almighty, the Most Generous, grant Paradise and His Pleasure to the author and every one who worked for this book and the productivemuslim team for recommending it. Ameen.

  6. “Carnegie died at his home in Forest Hills, New York.[8] He was buried in the Belton, Cass County, Missouri, cemetery. The official biography from Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. states that he died of Hodgkin’s disease, complicated with uremia, on November 1, 1955.[9]”


  7. hi , i have this books but in arabic , its simply great  , very helpful and informative yet simple and fun to read
    i recommend it 

  8. “A point to consider: A woman can be patient with her husband’s poverty, unattractiveness and busy schedule, but she cannot be patient with his rude behavior.” As a woman, I agree that this is very true! The Prophet (PBUH) did say that the best of men are those who control their anger :)

  9. AssalamAlaykum
    I really really want to but this book. Please could someone write where i could buy it from??

  10. alsalam alikom
    for anyone asking for the book this is an english version in pdf form
    if you are in arabic or islamic country you will find it in all bookstores (here in egypt its sold even on the streets )

    may allah reward the author and all the muslims , please dont forget to pray for your brothers and sisters in syuria and egypt we really need your prayers :)

  11. Anyone have any legitimate references supporting the claim that Carnegie “chose” to end his life? I’m finding conflicting information in my research. Thanks.

  12. Dale Carnegie did not end his own life…it was a rumor….there is alot of false things out there…always question what you read or listen to…..

  13. Absolutley amazing in many dimensions, this book does not feel like it is worth the money you pay for it, what you learn from the book feels quite priceless. May Allah reward with good the dear Sheikh who wrote this.

  14. the book is very amazing never get tired of reading has amazing stories in it i wish. i could see fayiz the blind deaf and dump i jst like him

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