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  1. MashaAllah,Superb Article,
    Try to manage your daily routine with the Pyayer Timing.Insha Allah,it will keeps your heart healthy and productive.

  2. Jazakalahu khayr,productive Muslim for this great and much needed campaign. May Allah reward you abundantly. By the way both the video and transcript was very helpful.

  3. Subhana Allah , the article is so good ma shaa Allah , and I am happy that now there is links to Arabic transcript of the ayat and ahadith , that was not there before in the articles and I have been suggesting to be written .
    Alhamdulillah , May Allah Bless all the brothers and sister working on this . Ma shaa Allah

  4. Assalamo alaykum brother. excellent article. yes i am a person with sick heart and i want may ALLAH (SWT) guide me to achieve a sound heart. i will seek forgiveness from Allah, will do regular astagfar, will control my heart from external sources and make a habit of recitation of quran daily atleast for 30 min. in sha allah khair. and thank you so much.

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