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  1. An inspring piece, maa shaa Allah. Like to share this with my son who’s also an up coming entrepreneur. “Winners don’t quit, quitters don’t win” This has been a cliché I love so much and use it often to encourage and support my children and mentees. Jazakallah khayran.

  2. This is a good,motivating,and an inspiring information for both the ‘entrepreneurs to be’ and existing entrepreneurs.

    Learn and follow the examples of successful people.
    “The way you are going to achieve results is by mirroring and following the examples of other successful people.”

    Set you goals,focus on them,and persevere to attain these goals.
    “Have perseverance and never give up on the dream that you want to achieve. This is the key thing that you need to know for as long as you know what you want to achieve you can persevere and go beyond the issues that may occur down the line. This way you can achieve amazing results, In sha’Allah.”

    Thank you very much for these wonderful tips to achieve the goodness of this life and the life hereafter.

  3. Thanks for the article. Very inspiring and motivating, however general promises.

    Subscription on the site starts from 19.99 pounds / month. In comparison to other websites probably dirt cheap however compared to most student’s pocket money who yet to have any business running, this is hard.

  4. Jazakum Allah khairan for sharing this… I’ve always been looking for an entrepreneurial community with Islamic values!

  5. This desiminating of information is jihad. Our future generation need this message desperately.
    Value TIME.

  6. Jazakallahu khairan! Truly inspirational. Sharing pieces on my blog and definitely will be using your advice insha Allah. May Allah guide you and grant you all aljannah firdaus!
    Heard about MEN informally two weeks ago, small world.

  7. Assalaamu alaykum, this is so inspiring. I have been thinking of starting a business as a stay at home wife, but I feel I have no idea how to do it. I do have ideas but I am not a master in any subject and that feels debilitating.

    I really want to begin something succesfull but I just don’t know where to start. I am very interested in the beginning process of this company, was he confident in the beginning, or did he know a lot already?

    I am just itching to do something and I want to use this phase to begin something as I am still young.

  8. A highly informative interview for someone like me who has recently started a craft business. I know that persistence and patience is key and marketing is my next goal. I would appreciate any advice on marketing to the muslim community as my business is primarily for muslim women. Thanks.

    • Peace sister natalie,

      If just to offer any kind of help that may help yourself or even the muslim community…etc.

      There is the muslm directory, but it seems their site is currently down, but it is very reputable in the uk.

      There is also ummah directory and muslim buisnesses…if you just ask obvioulsy you know :)

      Apologies if just uk based companies. Whether you knew the afore mentioned companies or not…just liked to offer any kind help..if can be called such.

      Good luck and may Allah bless your enterprise and all God and humanity loving peoples. Ameen/amen.


      • If for global purposes..You can also advertise or get in contact with islam channel or peace and huda tv and iqra both arabic and european channels or other tv and radio stations out there.

        Apologies again. You may have known that, suppose every little thing helps one way or the other in the end, in sha Allah.

        Good luck and peace unto you.

    • Head down and hands on top of it….apologies as i was hastey yet again..i pray i am amongst those who learn from thier mistakes, research and think before acting and endure with/in patience.

      As to the suggestions mentioned and sincere apologies…..sister tazneems site seems most definelty a means to aquire your goal too and her affliated past/current work projects and places of work…etc. And also not forgetting the blessed br. Harun too, im not sure if he deals with what you are trying to do, but it may be worth a try, if you see fit to do so.

      (Sorry for the over advice- :) need to advise myself-subhan Allah).

      Please say a prayer for me.

      Good luck again sister natalie

      May God forgive.

      And peace and blessings on to you.

  9. Alhamdulillah jazak ALLAH khair. Very inspiring and very motivating. Sir I also want to start but have very low confidence. I want to become rich and my life good and also in shaa ALLAH help our ummah. But don’t have courage. I have many ideas but i don’t know when and how to start as I don’t have enough financial support if I fail. My dream is to become successfull person right from my childhood . i am 40 and also not have degree because I have to support my family. Sir please advice me, I am ambitious but scared.pls help me out. May ALLAH reward you.

  10. What an informative interview that contains so many nuggets of wisdom.
    I especially love the portion about wealth being a good thing. It’s so true that many Muslims look at wealth as something evil and bad when in fact it’s simply a tool that can be used for either good or evil.
    Striving for halal wealth and then using that wealth productively are to be encouraged rather than frowned upon. As long as we don’t forget that the aakhhirah is our ultimate abode and we don’t neglect our duty to Allah then there is no problem.

  11. Masha Allah brother , you give us good tips. not only tips but also good information.
    i need to ask you 3 to 4 question Insha Allah.bfore that I’M living Canada and I do not have a group working together here but I started some business on Amazon my self. As beginner I could not able to buy the payment on your list, but I need your help. so here the questions
    1 what system I can use on Amazon to make money?
    2 If I could not buy the payment on your list is there any thing else you can recommend me to make success as beginners?
    3 can you give a tips of any products that I can get profits ?
    4 I’m really need to joining muslim enterprenership group but I also need some income in order to reach that stage. which way can you recommend me to get that source please?

  12. AssalamuAlaikum,
    I should seriously follow number 2 on the last question. Stretching out of my comfort zone is the hardest part in my life.

    Thanks a lot for your share. JAK