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  1. Thanks for your efforts to educate the Muslim ummah on this negative trend of pyrography, may Allah bless you.

  2. The link “Volunteer Program for Sufferers of Pornography (email your interest)” re-directs you to

    Can that be fixed?

  3. Thank you very much for the article. I am having a teenager son who is sometimes beyond our monitor to have clicked a link on the phone. I just simply informed him again and again. What can I do better? Allah bless the author and all of us. Amen

    • Is he a sensitive/caring individual? I think a lot of interviews, honest/candid ones, with the women involved in pornography is very eye-opening. It might make him feel so sick to hear of how many of these women were picked up as children/youth, lied to about the kind of job they’d be doing, couldn’t speak the language– how they’re drugged and forced to go through things completely unnatural and impossible to enjoy, how they are injured and hurt for people’s consumption. How every click and watch adds to their pain and adds money to the pockets of those abusing them.

      If that doesn’t work, there are talks by boys/men who left it because it ruined their own relationships, warped their view of real relationships, and how much better their lives were after leaving it.

      Look up “sex negative feminism” a lot of their websites tackle and expose the horrors of the porn industry and

  4. Masha Allah
    May Allah guide and protect us all and reward you and the team with Jannatul Fiddaus Ya-Sheikh.

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