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  1. Great article and thanks for some new ideas of how to engage my kids during Ramadan. They are not old enough for an allowance yet but I love the idea of encouraging them to donate some to charity when they get older.. Thanks so much as well for mentioning InCultureParent!

  2. Jazak Allah. I would like to share my experience with you. My childen are now 21 & 24 and since they are small kids I made them together with my husband read one whole Quran in RAmadhan. Alhamdulillah we all four read in one Quran in RAmadhan and it was reallly very fun for my kids. Especially I tried to let them hv the max SAjda. At the end we would see who has got the max sajda. My kids now understand my effort to make them enjoy reading the Quran. This year each one is reading the QUran alone and insha Allah, they will continue on this path.

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