“Muhasabah” iPhone App review

The recently-released Islamic/Muslim iPhone App “Muhasabah” is generating quite a buzz. So what does this app do for you?

“By the Soul, and the proportion and order given to it; And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right; Truly he succeeds that purifies it, And he fails that corrupts it” [Surat Ash-Shams; 91:7-10].

 Islamic/Muslim iPhone app "Muhasabah" review - Productive Muslim

Purifying our soul should truly be on the top of our priorities’ list. The first step to such purification is an honest and regular assessment of our standing, i.e. muhasabah. This means that we take account of ourselves undergo honest self-criticism while reflecting on our actions, words and thoughts.

But due to our hectic lifestyle and technology frenzy, our priorities have shifted. Have you ever had one of those days when you felt the drain of the day and tried to think of how you spent your day? You want to remember how you carried yourself as a human being and more importantly as a Muslim, but you can’t remember details of your day, like it just flew past.

Yet amidst all the metallic clutter of smart phones and laptops, there is a jewel within waiting to be found – an iOS App that can help us to purify our soul and achieve ihsan in our life.

Application Features


A multifaceted self-check:

Islamic/Muslim iPhone app "Muhasabah" review - Productive Muslim

With five categories to choose from – Prayer, Adhkar, Qur’an, Social, and Miscellaneous – you really can’t go wrong. It helps track almost all aspects of your day by prompting simple questions, taking you through the smallest details of your day.For example, under the Qur’an category it asks whether you did your best to understand the Noble Qur’an, and under the Social category it asks whether or not you harbored any ill feelings towards a fellow Muslim today. It has 37 such questions. After doing this for seven days, the app will give you a week’s worth of review in visual and text form.


EncouIslamic/Muslim iPhone app "Muhasabah" review - Productive Muslim ragement to improve:

The app tracks your daily highs and lows and encourages you to reach the level of ihsaan. The five different categories may be tracked and if completed faithfully, then a detailed report will show up at the end of the week with suggestions for improvements and encouragement.


Islamic/Muslim iPhone app "Muhasabah" review - Productive MuslimPersonalization:

In regards to privacy, the whole application is totally password-protected. Plus, it is totally gender-friendly, so us girls don’t have to worry about the App giving us a flat prayer review when we are going through our ‘days,’ for it has an option for that too.



What else?

The beautiful graphics and easy accessibility definitely add a boost to the experience. Ideally, this app should be used before sleeping, when you are the most relaxed. The only feature I felt lacking was with reminders, like ‘Finish morning Adkhar’ or ‘Finish recitation of Qur’an’ at certain set times during the day – this would definitely be the cherry on top and something I hope the developers consider adding.

For more information about Muhasabah check http://www.muhasabahapp.com/

Download "Muhasabah"


About the Author:

Sameeha Rafeek is a student in Leicester, UK.
About the Developers:
Sanel Abdur Rahman has a bachelors degree in Islamic Law from the Islamic University of Madinah and currently pursuing his Masters in Education. He is the Deputy Head at APEX Primary School in Ilford, UK.
Rushdhi Ismail is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Islamic Law from the Islamic online university. He is an emerging personal development coach and working as an IT consultant for a Multinational corporation in Switzerland.


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14 thoughts on ““Muhasabah” iPhone App review

  1. It is great to see an app review, please do more reviews in future. Just a couple of comments:

    1) I really like the concept of this
    app, I think I would have liked it better if it was visually more
    appealing than a questionnaire and easy to view progress at a glance
    before the end of the 7-day period.

    2) May I suggest that when you
    review apps you also compare to other apps that may serve the same
    purpose so people can make an informed decision? I really like
    QamarDeen. http://qamardeen.com/.
    Qamar Deen is free and although they track mainly quantifiable measures
    such as whether or not sunnah was prayed and whether it was in the
    masjid, you can use the tracker in other ways. For example the Sadaqah
    has so many categories, so I use some of the icons to track morning and
    evening zikr.

    3) Some of the features mentioned in
    the review are paid upgrades. The basic app does not have these
    add-ons. I think this would also be good to mention.

    I really like this app, but one more suggestion would be to make it
    more goal-oriented. For example, at the beginning of the week, we could
    set our own goals. The reason I make this suggestion is that some of us
    may not be doing a large proportion of these things. If we have negative
    results each week, we may stop trying. If we set realistic goals each
    week and are able to evaluate our success with them, I think this app
    might prove way more effective.

    1. Dear Sister in Islam

      Jazahkallahu Khairen for your honest feedback. This is indeed very valuable. Alhamduillah, many of the things you’ve pointed out, such as goal-oriented, are already in the pipe line. We need some time until we can bring these changes in the coming updates, insha Allah.

      The concept of our app is totally different than Qamardeen. Qamardeen is masha Allah a wonderful app, which tracks your deeds. Our aim is to give the users an opportunity to self-assess themselves everyday.

      Just to put in few steps, this is what our app does to the user, if it done daily with sincerity:

      – This app can help us to assess our day
      – By assessing our deeds, it could help us to bring consciousness in our deeds
      – As a result of that, it could improve our Ibadah and characters
      – Ibadah and good characters are one of the ways to bring us closer to our Creator
      – Becoming closer to our creator, makes us insha Allah Mumin/Muhsin

  2. Alhamdulillah it’s a great app!!! Everybody can only the profit to ahora with this app. After downloading this app I pray my twelve sun nah & wire daily, which before I didn’t do continiusly. May Allah give the reward for them. Wonderful app

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