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Few of our students shared their recommendations:

You should read because it gives you a lot of tips on how to maximize your productivity and how to be an active Muslim. It offers updated worksheets, free e-books, weekly emails and articles written by many experts worldwide. All these tools boost you to link together your religion with your ordinary life.

Doctora Annusa

You should read because it has extremely well-written articles and illustrations which appeal to all ages. You know looking at the article and illustrations, at a glance, the core message/action to take away. The content takes into account the challenges we face in this day and age such as busy schedules and the work environment. They make you want to become a practicing Muslim by showing how simple it is to do more what Allah (SWT) loves and taught us to do through His Messengers. You visit the website and you will want to go back to DO more.

 Irum Mirza

You should read because it is the most inspiring and motivating Islamic model that engages Muslims with the obligatory, recommended and voluntary acts in an exhilarating active method. It systematically organizes a Muslim’s ideal lifestyle, encouraging everyone to progress further in the Deen collectively and individually.

 Mehwish Malik