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  1. Loved this article so much! Feel so much more positive after simply reading it alhamdulillah! May Allah SWT grant us the ability to put these tips into practice successfully in sha Allah.

    • I would also like to add several more opinion to this issue of Paranoia. Most of the people get paranoid due to their environment in which they are brought up. Mostly when we observe the children from different classes of society, we observe that the children from poor or lower middle class are normally more paranoid as compared to the children compared to the rich class. It is due to the fact that their brought up is done in such a way that get feel fearful and more sensitive to the practical problems of the world. Moreover, when they move towards religion they get relieved as promised by Allah but most of them do not able to balance between the religion and the practical world. This balance is very crucial. So it is a prime duty of the parents as well to get aware of the fact to prevent their kids from any sort of mental trouble during his/her childhood moreover the balance between the religion and practical world should also be maintained in order to get lifetime relief for paranoia. Here i would like to mention about those consultants or tutors who can help the young and adult people from getting paranoid. They are available here on my website for tutors at home, whose coaching could prove very beneficial for the people feeling sick of paranoia.