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[SISTERS] 5 Ways to a Healthier Diet



We live in a time in which almost everyone knows the importance of a healthy diet, yet most consider their own way of eating far from the ideal. Unfortunately, when many of us decide it is time to take care of our bodies, we throw ourselves into a super strict regime which places the goal of being ‘healthy’ (no chocolate or sweets… ever) at the centre of our lives, where it eventually begins to dominate it. This approach is rarely effective in the long term and usually results in us burning out (eating nothing but chocolate and sweets…). So, we end up back at the beginning. What now? We take inspiration from this: “The deeds most loved by Allah (are those) done regularly, even if they are small” [Muslim].

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[App Review] Exploring Memrise For Learning New Languages


Back in our Productive Hobbies Series, we said learning a new language is among the recommended productive hobbies. We discussed how learning a new language could be an effective way of connecting with people from different backgrounds and cultures. However, like many things in life, learning a new language has its challenges.

In this article, we will highlight some of the challenges of learning a new language and discover how to overcome some of these challenges with the app Memrise.

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10 Tips for Maintaining Your Health After Ramadan


10 Tips for Maintaining Your Health After Ramadan | ProductiveMuslim
Photo by Viktor Hanacek: picjumbo[dot]com

Every year, the Holy month of Ramadan provides us with the opportunity to eliminate unhealthy eating patterns and gives our overburdened digestive systems a much needed break. During this sacred month, the rituals of fasting, night prayer and reading the Holy Qur’an on a daily basis can have a transformational effect on our overall sense of well-being and contentment.

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[ProductiveRamadan Online Tips]: Episode 30 – Eid Mubarak + Thank you


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Mohammed Faris, founder of (aka Abu Productive), shares with you daily tips to help you become productive during Ramadan.

Eid Mubarak!

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