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[Being Your Own Boss – Part 2] What Should Your Business Be About?

[Being Your Own Boss - Part 2] What Should Your Business Be About | ProductiveMuslim
Photo Credit: Chris Potter -flickr[dot]com/photos/86530412@N02/

This is Part 2 of UmmahHub’s series on Being Your Own Boss that reveals the keys to help you become a successful entrepreneur and be the best you can be in business and in life, In sha Allah.

In Part 1, we’d discussed the fundamental importance of developing an entrepreneurial mindset for the success of any business. In this part, we’ll explore how to identify and narrow down on the right business idea: one that will serve the market and your personal goals.

When beginning your entrepreneurial journey, it’s less important to be looking for a “big idea” like the next Google or the next Facebook but more important to look for a business idea that matches your skills, knowledge level and, most importantly, is solving a problem for your intended market. Continue reading

[The Productive Mommy Series] 10 Tips for the Working Mommy

[The Productive Mommy Series] 10 Tips for the Working Mommy | ProductiveMuslim
Image Credit: ProductiveMuslim doodler Aneesah Satriya

Assalamu alaikum! In my last article, I introduced my top ten tips on how mommies could translate their skills and share them with the world in the form of a blog. Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom or a working mommy (or both!), we all have tips and advice to give to others. In this part, I’ll be telling you how working mommies can maximise productivity using these ten simple tips. Continue reading

What I Learned from Our Three Winners: Changing the Way We Deal With Calamities

ChapelHill-Our-Three-Winners (What I Learned from Our Three Winners: Changing the Way We Deal With Calamities) | ProductiveMuslim
Image Credit: Our Three Winners Facebook Page |

There are some deep and revolutionary messages to all of us that emerged and continue to emerge from the Chapel Hill Shooting. The three beautiful souls of Deah (23), his bride Yusor (21), and Razan (19) have been taken violently and hatefully in what is undoubtedly a senseless inhumane crime.

Details of the incident and the main stream media’s unsurprisingly inadequate coverage are being discussed widely on social media and beyond. I, however, want to take this opportunity and reflect on something else that’s so striking about this incident.

While sharing the pictures of the three blessed deceased, many people have been expressing sorrow and asking everyone to pray for their souls. While looking at their beautiful photos and the exemplary reaction their parents took after the incident, however, I really was overwhelmed with a feeling greater than sorrow!

I was impressed!

I was really, truly impressed by them: the honorable life of service the three have led, and the honorable handling of their deaths that their families have displayed.

Yes, I prayed for them,very briefly at first (I confess). But I reflected on all the lessons one can learn from them. Then, I prayed for them even more, this time not because they need my prayers, but because I felt thankful for the fact that they have taught me and many others some enormously beautiful lessons.

Continue reading

[Surat Al-Kahf Series- Part 2]: When Money Talks…Shut It Up!

[Surat Al-Kahf Series- Part 2]: When Money Talks…Shut It Up!
Image Credit : ProductiveMuslim doodler Aneesah Satriya

No, I’m just a normal person like everyone else! Granted, I live in a 17-floor mansion, but you know, it’s very simple. The walls are gold-plated and the fireplaces and crystal lights are all voice-activated. I got my bedroom suite for only 250,000 pounds! Pretty good deal, huh? Anyway, enough about me! Now tell me something about you.

You’ve probably met one of those people before; the kind who don’t necessarily brag out loud, but instead work it into the conversation to let everyone know how ‘well’ they’re doing.

They feign that shocked look when they hear that not every person in the world owns a private jet or spends summers in Cannes with all the celebrities. Then they’ll pout as they try to make you feel better about your miserable life, all the while adding more insult to injury, with details about how they spend lonely nights on their 20-feet yachts and light their cancerous cigars with $100 bills, rubbing their riches in your face till your teeth hurt.

Well, on second thought, I really hope you’ve never met anyone like that. I must say, it’s not a very pleasant experience. Continue reading

Empathy: A Trait that Can Transform Your Life

Empathy: A Trait that Can Transform Your Life | ProductiveMuslim
Photo credit: Jonathan Cohen – flickr[dot]com/photos/jonathancohen/

Empathy is a transformative character trait that positively enhances all areas of your life, including your personal well-being, family life and work relationships. Not many people know the power of empathy in enhancing their own personal well-being, as well as in changing the way they interact and feel about the world around them. In this article, we will discuss what empathy is, how it is encouraged in Islam and how you can use it to bring transformative change to your life. Continue reading