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[SISTERS] Potting a Way to Financial Liberation

Productive Muslimah

[SISTERS] Potting a Way to Financial Liberation | Productive Muslim

“You’re meticulous,” he said.

“Yeah, I kinda have to be on the ball ‘cos I’ve got so much going on,” was my reply. And at that point during our pre-nikah talks, I knew my future husband approved of the budgeting scheme that kept me afloat with two kids and a house to run and I also knew that our money matters would be left in my hands.

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[Productive Muslim Academy] The Inside Out Approach to Change Based on the Qur’anic Model

Earlier, we had published an 8-part Productive Thinking Series by Br. Thurein Win. Due to its popularity, Br. Thurein has graciously created a free tutorial series & eBook on Productive Muslim Academy that explores on a deeper level the first foundational steps to creating a productive mindset.

Here, we share with you the first video of the 3-part Productive Thinking tutorial series, “The Inside Out Approach to Change Based on the Qur’anic Model”.

In this 25-minute tutorial from Productive Muslim Academy, you’ll learn:

  • How productive thinking is the 20% that makes 80% of the difference to break negative cycles
  • Learn about the inside out approach to change based on the Qur’anic model of starting with a vision and working on the self
  • Explore the concept of “Above the Line Thinking” — what it is, why it’s important, and how to use it as the key to creating real lasting change
  • Gain insights into how the structure of your brain indicates the model through which Muslims should think about and work on their productivity
  • Understand how to implement the “Be-Do-Have Model” that is based on the Qur’anic model of effective action

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How did you find the tutorial? Feel free to discuss your thoughts or share the most valuable lesson or inspiration you gained from this tutorial.

To benefit from the remaining videos in this Productive Thinking tutorial series, simply join our Productive Muslim Academy.

Productive Muslimah Pregnancy Diaries: Second Trimester

Productive Muslimah

ProductiveMuslim-Productive-Muslimah-Pregnancy-Diaries-Second-Trimester-400Almighty Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) has bestowed upon married women the gift of pregnancy and nurturing a child within us to increase the Ummah. I would like to start off by congratulating all mums to be and wish you all a happy and blessed pregnancy! So here it is: the second instalment to the pregnancy diaries that will take you through all the trimesters right until the much-anticipated D-Day (the birth)!

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