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6 Tips to Help Lower Your Gaze


6 Tips to Help Lower Your Gaze | ProductiveMuslim
Photo by: flickr[dot]com/photos/c0t0s0d0/

The eyes have desires that have a great tendency to want to be fulfilled, as if there is a gravity-like force that pulls the sight to the things we should not be looking at. Like gravity, those who resist will feel the force acting on them, while those who just go with the flow will feel little or nothing at all. Like gravity, it takes a lot of strength to escape it.

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[SISTERS] Top Tips for New Mums-to-Be


[SISTERS] Top Tips for New Mums-to-Be | ProductiveMuslim

Ummu ‘Abdir-Rahmaan explores ways in which one can prepare for giving birth, reflecting upon her own experiences along the way.

When it comes to preparing for the birth of a new child, we are keen to organise the nursery and prepare meals to freeze before the big day. Yet it seems strange that preparation for the actual event, which is more monumental than any other in the life of a woman, is often forgotten.

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