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  1. Actually, I’m worse than Ali. He at least studies for 2 mins before taking a 2 hour break, but I had been sitting at my desk for 4 hours reading this (instead of playing Black-Ops!) never touching a book.
    Shhhh, Mom thinks I’m studying!

    But anyway, I’m super motivated now after reading this series and I plan to start studying seriously now from today inshaaAllah and make mom proud of me. Mom will be indebted to you, Sister Lily!

  2. Masha Allah it was an amzinggggg storyyyyyy!!!

    This story is fun, inspiring and so relatable at the same time. They should probably make a movie out of this.

    A very great job Mrs. Lilly!

      • 😊

        This story really inspired me.
        I promised myself to stop procrastinating and start being productive from 2018. And it really worked! The first day of 2018 was one of the most productive days I have ever had in high school!

        Jazakillah again! And to the whole Productive Muslim team too.

  3. Wow, Subhaanallah.
    This is such an amazing story. I particularly really like (ok I actually LOVE – but that’s kind of awkward to type you know) how all those helpful articles were spun into the story. Such a great inspiring read.

    May Allah bless you & reward you with much better sister, well done.

    • My pleasure Sheriff. Thank you so much!
      It’s a really cool system isn’t it? How the website integrates related articles and makes them so easy to find
      MashAllah the Productive Muslim team is doing an amazing job and I’m honored to be part of that team!
      May Allah bless us all

  4. Finale!!! Already?

    When I saw finale, there was this sad and excited feeling I felt, I was sad because it has come to an end, excited to read another episode (as always).

    I have never read a piece like this EVER, its outstanding, it deserves an Award,SERIOUSLY.
    Lulls, you are the best.
    Love you a bunch Lilly, you are definitely my best writer of the year.
    May Allah grant you more knowledge and guidance.

    • Okay now I’m completely speechless….
      Honored, humbled, overjoyed…
      But mainly speechless :)
      Thank you so much Mufeedah
      My Allah fill your life and heart with joy the way you’ve filled mine

      All my love

  5. Your work is so addictive mashaAllah. Its so cool how you teach people things in a very entertaining way. Lilly! I need a series for stay at home mums. How do motivate yourself when your goals of keeping home clean the grown ups and kids fed and educated seem so average! I love my role but some tasks just never end!

  6. Asalam u alaykum Sister Lilly,

    I loved the series. Entertaining and meaningful at the same time. You should turn it into a comic book and continue Ali’s growth in other areas.

    I would love to hear his family’s story too. Maybe his father’s struggle with anger management and his mother’s struggle with being a SAHM, while trying to keep up with being an intellectual and growing as her own person.

    May Allah bless you with continued success.