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  1. Shukran because I w was becoming person B, and my husband was person A, and I will make intentions clear and be thoughtful in my plans now

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum and JazakAllah Khair for this excellent beginning. May Allah SWT help us in following it. Ameen.

  3. Can there be any other way to share the video except You tube?? I can’t possibly see it and don’t wanna miss :(

    • We’re working on adding those sharing buttons right beneath the video, in sha Allah. However, in the meantime, you could share it by clicking on any of the social media icons on the sticky bar on the left side of the page. :)

  4. MashAllah. I think this was a great reminder. Even we pass away or we even just don’t do those thought and planned things, Allah will reward us as if we accomplished them.

    May Allah swt bless us our time and have mercy on us.

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