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ProductiveRamadan To-Do List! | ProductiveMuslim

We all know that the beautiful month of Ramadan is essentially about generosity, nobility, developing oneself and being more compassionate towards others. In addition to internalizing those meanings, we need to act upon them as well.

Accordingly, we at ProductiveMuslim developed a to-do list that you can use this Ramadan. The purpose is to help you organize yourselves and your time in Ramadan.

The to-do list has regular daily acts, as well as, a recommended special act to explore every day.

You can check the task that you have fulfilled every day and highlight the ones you still want to explore. This might help some of us avoid having wasted time in Ramadan or not knowing what to do with the extra time.

Please feel free to share and/or develop the list as per your needs and circumstances. Also please remember that Ramadan is not about being overwhelmed. Rather it’s about ease and mercy, and as Prophet Muhammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) taught us, “the act most pleasing to Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) is that which is done continuously, even if it is small.”
[Sahih Muslim]

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About the Author:

Designed by Aneesah Satriya, who is a Master of Architecture student in the UK, but originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has an avid interest in crafts, the visual arts and da’wah through social networks. While attending various talks and conferences during her year back home (including a ProductiveMuslim seminar!), she started to “doodle” notes in her sketchbook, with the intention of sharing them with friends who could not make it. Surprisingly, the scanned visual notes became very popular on Facebook and were shared among attendees and non-attendees alike. Aneesah now produces doodles based on ProductiveMuslim articles, and also volunteers to design for
Developed by Dina Basiony, who is a writer based in Egypt. She has an MA in Journalism and Mass Communication from the American University in Cairo.

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6 thoughts on “ProductiveRamadan To-Do List!

  1. JazakAllah khairun kaseera for all team members of productv Muslims who r a constant source of inspiration n motivation whenever we need a push to act on knowledge we kno but we tend to forget to act on daily basis . May Allah put barakah in yr vision n it b a source of yr legacy u leav in this world. Ameen.

  2. Masha’Allah, you are continously producing very beneficial work. Just one thing: For the 16th day you suggested to drop an inspirational aya under a neighbor’s door. It might not be meant literal, but putting a Verse of the holy Qur’an (even if it’s “just” a translation) on the floor, ground or under a door seems extremely disrespectful. You insha’Allah might altering the wording there. Other than that I wish you a productive Ramadhan.

      1. Assalaamu alaikum TL,

        JazakAllah khair for pointing that out. We’ve re-worded it in the file. If you download it again from above, you should be able to see it, in sha Allah.

        Thank you for correcting us!

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