Welcome to the ProductiveMuslim Ramadan Challenge 2015!

Are you ready to tell the world about how life-transforming Ramadan can be?

Grab your phone or camera and capture something awesome you’re doing this Ramadan: socially, spiritually or personally!


Socially: community projects, special initiatives at the workplace, activities with friends and family, awesome Ramadan family traditions, etc.
Spiritually: an awesome ibadah routine, doing ibadah at work/while commuting, acts of worship you’ve started to do in Ramadan, etc.
Personally: how you manage your time and get everything done in Ramadan, steps you take to stay fit, your special Ramadan work-out!, etc.

Submit your PHOTO/VIDEO story through the Submission Form below. But first, here’s how it works:


Important note: Submissions MUST have either photos or a video. All submissions should be made by 2nd July 2015. Top submissions will be featured on ProductiveMuslim on 6th July 2015 inshaAllah.

Questions? Write to us at contactus@productivemuslim.com

Now tell us a story we’ll never forget, inshaAllah: