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  1. Asalamualaikum Warehmatullah. ..JazakaAllahu khair. .these points will help me alot as here in Kashmir, India we are experiencing SAD ….

  2. I am asking u for a help . There is always problem between my mother and husband .my husband is not doing any bad to me .But my mother says he is not doing anything well .Always using bad words about him in his absence. At this point what should I do .i will get angry against my mother. But it’s sin ,I know .what shall I do? With whom I shall stand?Because of Allah ‘s decision my husbands job lost.but my mother says he is fraud and should avoid him. But I know everything about my husband .please help me anyone.and include me in your duas .assalaamu alaikum.

    • May Allah make it easy for you sister. It never is easy to balance the conflicting needs and wants of two different family members. I feel your pain. Can you try talking to your mother at all about this? Have sabr sis. Pray tahajjud and make d’ua from the bottom of your heart that Allah fixes your problems.

  3. From this article I learned that Allah sometimes gives and sometimes takes. Whether a thing is beneficial or harmful to me, I will remain firm in my belief and remain thankful to my Creator. Ameen :)

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