If you’d like us to present at your company/event or deliver a public seminar at your conference/city/country, you’ve come to the right page!

ProductiveMuslim.com regularly holds offline seminars both in person and virtually via teleconference to interested organizations, conferences, and corporates around the world.

Our primary focus is on how Islam can boost productivity and our core topics include:

• Leading Productive Lives: Spiritually, Physically, And Socially.
• Spiritual Productivity: How Islam Boosts Our Productivity?
• Manage Your Productivity During Ramadan.
• Other Productivity Topics such as Goal Setting, Time Management, Task Management, Setting Visions, Developing Good Habits.. etc

There are a number of ways for us to work together and deliver our core message to your audience, so get in touch with us via the booking form below and we’ll get back to you on how we can work together inshaAllah!

Most of our seminars are delivered by Mohammed Faris, the founder & CEO of ProductiveMuslim.com (aka Abu Productive)!

With a vision to inspire productivity in the Muslim Ummah, he’s a dynamic presenter with passion for his subject on how Islam & productivity are interlinked. He uses examples from the Holy Quran, Biography of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), and Islamic History, as well as modern Productivity techniques to deliver his message in a succinct practical way.

Mohammed has delivered many talks both in person and virtually to individuals, organisations and to large audiences in conferences and seminars. We’re sure you will be captured by his enthusiasm!

Sample Talk

TEDxArabia “Can Religion Teach Us Productivity?”
-7th October 2011, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Glimpse from IIUM Seminar Malaysia

Where we’ve been so far?

  • London, UK
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Where are we going next? (Tentative dates)

  • Singapore/Malaysia (Jan 2013)


“Mohammad Faris is an inspiration to us all and his teaching style is very effective, meaning it doesn’t take long to grasp the concept he is throwing at us. He related things back to his own experiences and I felt myself and others around me really wanting to become better in themselves and the community as a result of the teaching received from Ustadh.” – Sabhia (Leading Productive Lives UK Seminar)

“I have only been using it for roughly a week I am finding it EXTREMELY beneficial! I didn’t expect the impact of this course to be as profound as it is.  I can’t explain how thankful I am to Allah SWT to have your help in becoming a better Muslim.” (Leading Productive Lives Ramadan Course)

“Your London Seminar and the ProductiveRamadan project have truly made a positive impact on me.The materials are very practical, and they were thought in a simple style.I can say with confidence that this has been my most Productive Ramadan ever!!” (Leading Productive Lives Ramadan Course)