Surfing the Internet & Consuming Media… Productively

Surfing the Internet & Consuming Media... Productively | Productive MuslimCan you remember a day the you logged on to the Internet to do some research for a project? You opened up a search engine and typed in some words. As you were scanning through the results, an interesting article caught your eyes, so you opened it up in a new tab and decided to quickly read it.

But then when you were about to close the article, you noticed a YouTube video on a topic that appealed to you and decided to watch the video anyway, since it was only a few minutes. After that, YouTube suggested another video for you to watch which you also ended up watching. This cycle continued and before you knew it, an entire hour had passed with no progress on your project.

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Abu Productive’s Mobile Office

I’ve always been intrigued with building a fully efficient mobile office. I travel a lot, and I like to travel light yet be fully functional whilst traveling so I don’t waste precious waiting hours doing nothing or not being productive!

So below is a breakdown of every tool, office supply, software/app I use to keep my mobile office functional. Hope it helps you build your own mobile office too. 

(P.S.: Feel free to share recommendations with me, I’m always interested to “upgrade” my Mobile office).

Briefcase/Bag – Brenthaven Slim Brief

This is my favourite brief-case of all time. It has multiple pockets for almost everything you need and it’s compact and easy to carry. I fell in love with Benthaven bags since 2007, and I never looked back! (A small admission: I’m currently experimenting with Tumi bags :P)

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5 Great Apps for Productive Muslim Students

5 Great Apps for Productive Muslim Students - Productive MuslimLife as a student can be tough. You are faced with large amounts of study materials, countless assignments and challenging examinations. During this time, it is easy for things to get out of hand and when that happens, late nights and caffeine become your best friends!

To stay sane and on top everything during these years, proper time management and organization are a must. Thankfully, with all the great new technologies and apps being invented these days, everyone can become a pro at managing and organizing their time!

Take advantage of your smartphones and tablets and use the apps available to increase your productivity to get more done in less time. To help you get started, here are 5 great apps for students: Continue reading

4 Fabulous Du’aa Apps to bring Barakah Into Your Life

4 Fabulous Du'aa Apps to bring Barakah Into Your Life - Productive MuslimMaking du’aa and engaging in the remembrance of Allah is one of the ways of gaining barakah (divine blessings) in our lives.

When we analyse the lives of the productive Muslims in the past, such as those of the pious predecessors, we notice that they made the habit of engaging in dhikr (remembrance of Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He)) and making du’aa an integral part of their life: as a result, they moved mountains and achieved so much within the same short lifespan that people of our time live through!

It was this barakah, this divine blessing from Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) that aided them and allowed them to achieve more in their lives.

By taking on this productive habit ourselves and making it a part of our lives, we too can increase in our productivity, accomplish more in our time and move mountains by Allah’s permission. Continue reading

5 Great Work Out Apps!

Are you trying to get in shape? If so, might as well use technology to help your journey! Here are 5 apps for you to consider for your fitness goals.

You walk into the office and realize, stopping dead in your tracks – your phone is still charging in the kitchen.

And then it sinks in: a whole day without my phone? GULP!

Not only do you feel “naked” all of a sudden, you will most likely feel miserable until your eager fingers grasp the rectangular, light, pocket-fitting best friend you just can’t live without.

Our smart phones keep us on our A-game as they serve as the main medium to connect us with people, information and events. For me personally, it is my calendar, it is my news source and now, it is becoming a great way to manage my health and sustain a fit lifestyle.

There is no shortage of amazing fitness applications that are keeping up with the modern phenomenon of meeting consumer needs. Fortunately now, beyond playing games like Scrabble on your phone, you can also access a plethora of health apps, which can be used by health professionals as well as any member of the greater public to do everything from looking up symptoms, to monitoring symptoms (blood pressure and glucose), finding treatment, finding directions and even to making an appointment – consider adding WebMD Mobile, iPharmacy and Dental Expert to your “to download” list.

For the purpose of this article though, we are going to focus on some top fitness applications. There are so many to choose from, and I encourage you to explore your respective phone’s marketplace. However, use the recommendations given below as a starting point since we did some of the research for you:

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