Technology in Ramadan: Absolute Abstinence or Enough Exposure?

“I confess. I check my cell phone…a lot,” and so the refrain goes.  Many of us have developed a mini-addiction to being ‘connected’ to ensure we don’t miss a beat.

But let’s take a step back. Connection (and the technology that facilitates connection) is neither inherently good nor bad; it’s all about the application and to whom we’re connected. So when we’re connected to a virtual coffee shop with people we have never met, but who we ‘friended’ from afar, while simultaneously driving, texting our miles away, there is a problem. Earlier this year, the city of Houston ran a campaign: “786 deaths on Texas roads this year, drive smart, text later, it can wait.” These little slogans flashed on and off for a whole week on billboards around the city, even as drivers, maneuvered hands-free while texting, and the death toll rose. I could not help but read some deeper meaning into the news serving as a direct reminder from Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) to wake up and take life on and off the road more seriously. Continue reading

**Feature Article** Top Online Distraction Busting Tips!


The depths to which we can explore, and the limitless things we can do leave us spending hours on end surfing the net, playing games, and updating our Facebook statuses! We are failing to use this great development to educate ourselves and to become more productive. Rather than benefiting from it, we have allowed it to become our biggest distraction and productivity killer of all time.

Many distractions are often a route towards haram from the use of the Internet; social networking sites, games, public forums, chat-rooms, and even pornography, A’oodhubillah.

With a world of fitna before our very eyes, Shaytan is always ready to attack. Be aware that it is his trick and his plan to distract the believer and even the best of us can become lured into these distractions.

Focussing on the Task at Hand

When you sit at your computer with a mental to-do list, you are very vulnerable to becoming distracted. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, we lose track of what we have come to do and find ourselves doing something else, or often in the case of computers – many other things!

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