How Zakat Impacts Productivity

How Zakat Impacts Productivity - Productive MuslimDeep down, you may think of zakat as a tiresome once-a-year event that simply involves a quick online payment of 2.5% of your cash and a bunch of gold weighed on scales in your kitchen! But there is a lot more to it. Fully understanding and practising this beautiful pillar of Islam can lead to a more productive and successful existence at both an individual and community level. How?

Paying your zakat correctly triggers some marvellous productivity boosters that you probably have never thought of! Here’s what actually happens to you and your life when you pay your zakat:

1. Purifies Your Soul

Nothing prevents us more from reaching the heights of productivity than our sins. Day and night, we disobey Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) in all sorts of ways, knowingly and unknowingly, blotting our hearts and blocking the light of Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) from entering them. One critical way of clearing out the junk from our hearts is to pay zakat. Continue reading

How to Increase Social Productivity this Ramadan?

 How to Increase Social Productivity this Ramadan? - Productive MuslimThe month of Ramadan is a time when we should maximise good deeds. Being active at a community level is one way of doing so. Ramadan offers you the opportunity to serve your community and to get close to it. Here are some tips for achieving this:


1. Help at Home

During Ramadan, everyone wants some extra time for reading the Quran and making dua. However, some members of the family are busier and have more responsibilities than others. Sharing these responsibilities and re-organising the way tasks are distributed at home for Ramadan could help everybody to have more time for Ibadat. Here are some ideas to help organise household chores: Continue reading

Social Productivity: Who Wants to Be a Muslim Millionaire?

Social Productivity: Who Wants to Be a Muslim Millionaire? - Productive MuslimHave you ever wondered how YOU can make a real difference and be socially productive this Ramadan? Why not start with Islamic Relief’s Make a Million campaign?

Everyone wants to be a Muslim Millionaire, and here’s the SECRET FORMULA on how to gain a reward worth millions this Ramadan. GIVE in charity and be socially productive. It is shocking and deeply saddening that 1 in 8 people will go to bed hungry every night, despite the fact that there is enough food in this world for everyone. Continue reading