ProductiveMuslim’s Tips to Survive a 12+ Hour Flight

Ever since our popular ProductiveMuslim Commuting article few years back, we haven’t visited the topic of “productive commuting” again. Here’s a different take to the topic with a focus on how to survive a 12+ hour flight. 

Flying time, especially if it’s more than a few hours, can be extremely boring since you’re disconnected from the world and you can’t really go anywhere. However, if you think about it, this ‘idle’ time is actually what you’ve ALWAYS wished you had whenever you get busy in your real life. How many times have we caught ourselves saying, “If only I had a bit of free time, I’d do X”?

Shaytaan is very good at trying to make us waste the treasure of free time on a flight; but with some preparation and pre-planning, we can convert it to the most productive time ever!

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