Does a Productive Muslim Need to Consume Less?

There is a chance that people might assume that all those who are productive will be efficient as well. But the fact is productivity and efficiency are 2 different concepts. We all know that productivity is about quantity of things produced in a certain amount of time. But efficiency is the ability to produce utilizing the minimum resources possible. It could be time, energy, raw materials or any such inputs that might require for production.

While we strive to produce great things we often ignore the amount of consumption which goes into production. Maybe sometimes if we measure intake our net outcome might be having a negative impact to overall system.  In short, if we are serious about a positive impact to the system while focusing on productivity we should have an eye on the efficiency side by focusing on how much resources we consume. This could be by thinking about various aspects like reducing resources, reusing them, recycling them and by other many preventive actions to avoid wastage.

For a Muslim, this is a command from his Lord as well,

“Do not be extravagant, for Allah does not love the wasteful” [6:141, 7:31]


I have been traveling to many Muslim majority countries and one thing that really touched me was the amount of waste our community is producing. This is something that needs to be fixed before we can talk about efficiency. This photo was taken after a small team lunch session at our customers place. Amount of food, tissues, bottles, disposables that were wasted shows that we are least bothered about such warnings. Even during Hajj you can see huge quantities of waste outside many tents and food (often offered free) scattered all over the streets which will make us think that the majority among us didn’t get the real spirit and soul of the rituals and religion.

Following are some initial thoughts that might help each of us to realize how easy it is to improve efficiency.

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