Introducing The Ultimate ProductiveMuslim Goal Planner

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Planning your goals of life can be a daunting task since normally you’re not sure where to start and whether those goals are feasible or not. Introducing the Ultimate ProductiveMuslim Goal Planner – a one page worksheet that would help you take a good crack at setting achievable goals for yourself bi’ithnillah

The Ultimate ProductiveMuslim Goal Planner worksheet has 2 main aims:

  1. To ensure that you have reasonable balanced goals in every aspect of your life
  2. To connect your goals to your akhira

How to use The Ultimate ProductiveMuslim Goal Planner ?

It’s quite simple – for each of the 6 areas in the first column, think about what your 6-month goals are. E.g. For the Islam area, it might be praying 5 times a day on time every day, or early in its time, or adding Sunnah/Nafl prayers (depending on what stage you are at). For the Personal one, it might be to go to the gym 3 times a week, etc. Don’t put more than 3 goals at this stage for each area of your life otherwise it’ll be too much to handle.

Once you’ve completed the above for the 6-month goals, repeat the same exercise but for 1 year. The best way to do this is to ask yourself: “In 1 year, where do I want to be in this area of my life?” And from that question you can derive your 1 year goal. Some examples include: I want to complete my professional qualification within a year, for example.

Repeat the above for 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years…probably by this time, you’re getting a headache because you’re not used to thinking this far ahead in the future. But that’s ok, do all this with ‘insha’Allah’ in mind as death may reach us sooner – but thinking so long-term and into the future helps develop a direction for yourself, puts things into perspective, and might even change your short term goal(s). So try and imagine what you would like to achieve in 20 years for that particular area of your life. For example, for the family area, you might want to be a loving and ‘fun’ dad who has an excellent relationship with his children.

Let’s stick with the example of being a loving and ‘fun’ dad, if you’ve set that as your 20 year goal, then this would affect your other goals such as your work goal (you’d choose jobs that don’t require a lot of travel for example) or your community goal (you’d choose to get involved in community projects that you and your children can work together on), etc.

Now comes the ultimate test; if you’ve set your 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years goal and you found that they are now all aligned and you’re happy with it…Test those goals against the “Akhira” column.

What impact will achieving that goal have on you in the Akhira? Trust me, this is probably the traumatic stage as it might turn your goals upside down. For example if someone is passionate about banking & investment and set themselves a 20-year goal to be CEO of the biggest Riba-based bank in the world. Once you’ve tested it against the Akhira column and realize that you will lose and ruin your akhira, your eternal life, with such a goal, you’ll end up completely changing your goals and perhaps even change careers (Islamic banking, perhaps?).

So, this is the ProductiveMuslim Goal Planner. It’s a pragmatic, pen and paper tool to help you think about your goals, prioritize your goals and more importantly assess whether such goals will ultimately be a source or reward and happiness, or loss and regret in the Akhira.

Let me know how you use it below or if you have any questions! You can also share your experience of using the worksheet on this shared document .We look forward to hearing your responses.

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26 thoughts on “Introducing The Ultimate ProductiveMuslim Goal Planner

  1. Very Brilliant, this is exactly what i was thinking of (connecting my life goals with Akhira), this helps me a lot,
    Whoever made this is a genius :)
    Thanks a lot,
    keep up the good work :)

  2. Really Nice work !!

    But i want to say that there is a big difference between Goals & the means (the ways) we achieve these goals .. for example when you said “go to the gym 3 times a week” .. here this is not the goal because it’s the way i want to achieve the goal which is to become healthy .. so i hope you -if possible- to edit this sheet to more developed one which allow every one to set his goals & what will he do to make this goals come true ..

    i mean it’s not enough to set your goals without knowing the ways you will do to achieve it & it doesn’t give any meaning to say I’ll do …….. & you don’t know the goals of doing this.

    Thanks a lot for reading my comment & i really hope it is useful to you ^^

    1. I agree with you
      A goal or an objective is what I want to achieve, while means, tasks, and activities are how I am going to reach this and the mechanism.

  3. Mashallah this is excellent. Have seen several goal setting work sheets before but never with an akhira column. Just a thought; how about adding a DAILY TO DO column as well? This would come before the six month goals column and would help us determine what and how much we need to do on a daily/weekly basis in order to be able to achieve or six month goal. For example, if in ISLAM my six month goal is to memorize Juz ‘Amma, then I need to set aside time to memorize a few ayahs on a daily basis, and so on… this might help us in developing a more focused and achievable daily to do check list which would be in line with our long term goals. Also we would not loose sight of our long term goals as we would be working towards meeting them inshallah. And Allah knows best….

  4. First of all, let me commend Productive Muslim for all the help they are giving us! I agree with Ramy. This Goal Planner is a Beginning. We all want Jannah as our ultimate Goal. But, I personally want Jannat Al Firdaus. And I really don’t want to spend any time in the Nar at all! So, what do we do to accomplish that, AND  take care of our earthly needs, and family? This life is so hectic!  I am a weight loss coach, and I have my clients post their goals where they brush their teeth. They read them at least twice a day. We set alarms to eat a small meal every three hours. We as Muslims should set our cell phones with alarms or adhan to remind us to pray. After every prayer, I have my children read  at least 5 minutes of Quran, the same ayah that they are memorising that day.  I also have them read 5 pages of Quran for 5 more minutes. That way, they canfinish reading the Quran once a month. Most nonMuslims organise their day around meals and work. We should organise our day around prayers. Anyone have other tip, I would appreciate them!

  5. alhamdulillah..this planner insyaAllah helps me to rethink back about the purpose of my life.on what i want to achieve.yes i’m honestly, sometimes i feel that i live with the flow n aimless.insyaAllah with this planner, insyaAllah it helps me a lot..jazakallah n May Allah bless

  6. yes ! thank you for produsing this planner…perfect timing too! happy new hijra year to you abu productive and all productive muslims members :) hope it works well with our yearly resolutions!

    I really wish there could be a way to bridge the gap of process n product while planning! like going to the gym 3 times a week is a process and being a CEO somewhere is a product…once we put pen to paper, we are too absorbed trying to figure out our future plans and end up with gaps in planning…organizing our to-dos around work and meals sounds interesting!(thanks Absolutehealthtsfl!)

    Moreover, what about adding “requirements or assessment modules” for al Akhira column…like make sure your money is clean enough…and you have enough education on the Islam… you have solved one problem for another person…..stuff like that!

    can’t thank you enough! May Allah reward you :) 

  7. this was the the most AMAZING Goal-setting Chart i have ever come across in my entire life! 
    Jazakallah Khair Katheeran for this..i have been able to plan out my entire life on it!

  8. Nice.Beautiful.Great job.and what more can i say. My Allah(sbt) accept us,our repentance,Grant us jannah,Gran us Success  of this world and grant us everything good, Ameen.

  9. Asalam waliekum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

    Is there any example some who has done this. I want to see how they done it so tat their example will give me a much better idea how to use and fill out the paper. 

    1. correction: Is there any example someone who has done this. I want to see how they done it so that their example will give me a much better idea and insight how to use and fill out the paper. 

  10. to those of you complaining that this is about goals and not how to reach the goal – well, that part is up to you. This is a goal sheet.
    And to the one who wanted an example of someone else’s – try not to be a perfectionist about it. don’t think your sheet has to be like someone else’s. This is your goal sheet. Give it some thought inshallah and it’ll come to you. 

  11. this is a very good exercise, masyallah. honestly, the ummah column is really giving me a hard time. the community column as well! i’m 22 but at this age, i realise i havent done anything for the society! i’m gonna find something to do n make something useful out of myself! insyallah! :)

  12. Asalamu alaykum
    Jazakum Allah Kheer
    I would like to request if this planner and other planners you have could be made into applications… androids?!
    jazakum Allah kheer for all the effort and barakaAllahu feekum

  13. As salaam walakum, I really like this. It seems really helphul. I am tring to print it but it prints a corner of it in large letter. can you please help. thank You 
    may Allah bless you.  One more thing. If you can help people who has a illness/sickness to become proactive. 

  14. First-O-Fall, I would really appreciate all the great work they’re doing…..
    Its really an astonishing way through which we could achieve our Goals and Success!
    Thanks alot P.S !

  15. salaam
    what if we try to live each day as it is our last one.make a list of things we might want to do before dying.i think it will make us more focussed towards Allah tallah

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