Welcome to #TransformedByTheQuran: The ProductiveMuslim Ramadan Campaign & Competition

Do you have a heartfelt experience on how the Noble Qur’an transforms your character to the better? Share with us your inspiring story on how this Noble Book is a force for spiritual, social and personal productivity in your life. How did it transform you or transform the way you think, act and speak for the better?

Some examples

Socially: you could show us how specific verses inspired you to launch projects or initiatives at workplace/school/neighborhood that are of much benefit to people.
Spiritually: you could show us how the Qur’an helped you find peace, meaning, healing and positive attitude towards life.
Personally: you could show us how the Qur’an helped you with your personal development, health, fitness etc.

So, read, reflect, act and inspire us!


  • The materials you send must be original.
  • Videos shouldn’t exceed 4 minutes in length.
  • Photos can be sent individually or as part of a photo essay (no more than 10 photos per photo essay).
  • The piece of writing shouldn’t exceed 500 words, and must be accompanied with an original, relevant photo.
  • Mention the verse(s) that helped transform the way you think, act, speak, behave etc.