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  1. I am surprised Umrah has not been mentioned, there is simply no other better destination. The priority of course should be Hajj and if money is a serious issue then Hajj needs to be prioritised.

  2. Aslamoalaikum!
    Ma Shaa Allah nicely organized article. One thing which inspired me is to avoid using Social Media, e-mail, etc to better communicate with wife. It is generally practical tip for all families.
    Thank you so much Zain and Huda.
    Jazak Allah Khair

  3. Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulah, Alhamdulillah for such wise & practical advice…. The reminder of dua and waking to pray Tahajjud together Maa Sha Allah. May ALLAH Azza Wa Jal reward you both with Jannatul Firdous. Ameen

  4. This is a good practical article, it will be very useful for me in few months time in sha Allah.

    jazakallahu khair.

  5. Even though I’m not married I really enjoyed reading this post and I can definitely assure you that Inshallah many newlyweds will find this post to be very helpful! Even as a single person I really learned a lot that will Inshallah help me if I ever travel!

  6. Assalamun 3alaykum,

    As always a wonderful article on Productive Muslim. JazakAllahu khayran to the writers.
    One thing which always upsets me when newly-weds are talking about their first holiday is calling it “honeymoon”. We, as Muslims, must be especially careful to realise where that phrase originated from and be EXTRA CAREFUL to never use it; please read this article:
    In particular: “mead was drunk in great quantities at weddings and then after the ceremony nuptial couples were given a month’s supply of mead.” (Mead is a strong alcohol). Therefore we must be careful when describing this period, in order not to refer to haram behaviour.
    May Allah bless all marriages from the past to the end of time.

  7. Nicely written.
    May I add not to forget the obligatory prayers in all the sightseeing and fun, to carry a travelling mat and a compass always. Just reschedule activities around Salah times n hv all the fun u want.

  8. Mashallah quite informative !!
    Jazakallah ,, can u please tell me both the duas u mentioned in the article can be read by both men and women ?

  9. So informative. Even some of the tips here can be applied even when @ home.
    جزا كم الله خير

  10. Nice article but the one i don’t agree with is taking pictures. In Islam taking pictures is not allowed. It is called taswir. The Prophet (saw) cursed picture makers. For every picture a person makes a soul will be created which will punish him in hell fire. So it is better to avoid taking pictures. May Allah give us the ability to do what pleases Him and not what pleases us, amin.

  11. Assalamualaikum, thank you for sharing this excellent article May Allah.continue to.shower us with His Blessing.

  12. Alhamudulilah…… Jazakumu llahu khayran for dis Nice article ….. Even though am nt married, i luv d path of reading Quran or listing things we are thankful for together and praying tahajud…. May Allah SWT increase u in knowledge.. Ameen