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What People Are Saying

“I have to say that I participated in many training programs, but I have never seen someone who provides all his materials, knowledge, experience and support as Mohammed Faris does.”

- Suher Khirallah, USA.

“The experience has been mind-blowing, it far exceeded my expectations. Just profound knowledge coming through.”

- Asma Chaudhry, USA.

“Just meeting like-minded people together, subhanAllah, it's incredibly inspirational.”

- Amir Tan, UK.

Who’s This Certification For?

This certification is ideal for individuals and organizations that want to help others manage their energy, focus, and time effectively and in line with our faith. It's for those who want to take our proven Productivity Masterclass and share it with their clients, community members, family and friends.



HR Professionals


Training Centers



Youth Directors

  • And many others who want to serve and impact the Ummah!

Steps To Get Certified


Complete the Productivity Masterclass

Completing the Productivity Masterclass is a prerequisite to becoming a certified trainer. Send us an email to contactus@productivemuslim.com to sign up for the masterclass.


Attend the In-Person Certification Program

Our Certification Person is a 5-day in-person program where we cover how to teach the material and give you the resources and tools to train others on it successfully.


Pass Certification Exam

Once you complete the Certification Program, you'll be invited to complete a certification exam. Upon passing the exam, you're pre-certified to start training others on the material but will only receive your full certification after completing steps 4 and 5 below.


Submit a Video of Yourself Teaching One Module

To receive your certification, you need to submit a video of yourself teaching one of the modules of the Productivity Masterclass either online or in-person. The video should not be longer than 90 minutes.


Submit Video Testimonial from One Client or Student

Once you deliver the full Productivity Masterclass to a group of students, one student needs to provide a 3- to 5-minute video testimonial explaining what they learned and how they benefitted from the program.

Register your interest in the next certification program

How Can You Use The Certification Material?

The certification material can be used in a variety of training and coaching scenarios including:

1-1 Coaching

Group Trainings

Online Trainings

In-person Trainings


Private Corporate Retreats