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Stories of people inspired to live the next best version of themselves after attending the Productive Muslim Masterclass

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Hear what Graduates are saying about the Masterclass:


"I feel that I’ve really got a better balance now with managing time for my projects, my daughter, husband, and my parents.  

I feel so much more at peace and less stressed."


"Everything changed for me. I have gotten more connected with my inner self, my ibadah and activity to improve my true purpose in life whilst journeying through this world."


"I am very thankful to Allah (SWT) that he helped me come across this [masterclass]...I was able to solve many problems at once - especially at this age."


"Productive Muslim [Masterclass] provides us with the tools that helps us implement what the Quran teaches us [based] on our particular situation"


"Alhamdulillah, I joined the masterclass and it really helped me. I have seen drastic changes in my life."


"This masterclass helped me kick start my journey towards a better version of myself"

More Rave Reviews From Our Graduates 

I joined the Productive Muslim masterclass (in Jan/Feb 2018) and witnessed an open but humble authority giving out guidelines on topics that he knew thoroughly. And interlaced with examples that we could all relate to. I can wholly recommend Productive Muslim and Mohammed Faris for beneficial, efficient, and enjoyable life-changing advice.

Mohammed Faris has combined the best of productivity science, positive psychology, and Islamic guidance into a course that goes beyond the book. Weekly experiments, resources, and his own life experiences have made this course worthwhile. 

 My mindset has changed. I certainly have more Barakah in my time. I often find myself thinking ‘how is it only Tuesday, When ive already done so much!’ I was suprised at how simple the program was. If you have big goals, make sure you join [this] masterclass.  

— Adnan Hasan, Risk Management Professional, USA

— Susan Labadi, Education & Marketing Consultant, USA

— Salma Ainine, Dentist & Investor, UK

"I shifted 180 degrees, I'm happy now. I corrected my sleep cycle and learned how to overcome laziness. Now I read every single day!"

Highly recommended for Muslims out there. After attended the masterclass...I can feel the difference deep within me.

The marriage of Faith and Productivity – no other personal development program /coach does that and does it with ihsan!

Muhammed Hussein Dahir, Medical Student, China

— Minarni Mohamed, Homemaker, Singapore

— Samia Ali, Physician, Canada

Letters to our Graduates' Future Selves...

At the end of the masterclass, we ask Graduates to write a letter to themselves 12 months into the future. Imagining what life would look like, if they implemented everything they learned from the masterclass and lived the best version of themselves for 12 months. 

Here's what they wrote:

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When you join the Productive Muslim Masterclass, you'll enjoy:

Six Live Sessions

Six Live online sessions with Mohammed Faris, founder of The Productive Muslim Company, followed by unlimited Q&A Time.

Lifetime Access

All Masterclass graduates get lifetime access to all slides and recordings of the masterclass downloadable o your computer.

Bonus Gifts

We'll send you a free copy of the Productive Muslim Book to your doorstep + you'll get 1 year access to Barakah Academy!

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