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  1. Subhaanallah, true motivation and it shows having belief in the almighty can take you to many places and achieve all your dreams inshallah

  2. I’ve just read the interview and honestly I find it very inspiring. Mashallah she is a model of successful Muslim girl. May Allah bless her and bless all Muslim girls and Umah. Ameen.

  3. Alhamdulillah! Nothing like trusting Allah and believing in yourself! Add to that perseverance and I think we can achieve any thing. May Allah ease our tasks

  4. Assalamualaikum. Got very much inspired by Hedaya… I know that Islam nowhere prevents muslim women from doing all the halal things…But Hedaya has proved it to the world. Thank you Hedaya for bringing into light the status of muslim women in this world. May Allah always guide you and give you the best in this world and the aakhirah. Aameen…

  5. Assalam alaikum
    Alhamdulillah I am very happy to learn the achievements of sister hedaya.
    InshaAllah if many more practising Muslimas achieve such success we may wipe out the stigma against veiled women

  6. Well done to sister Hedaya! I saw this on Facebook, her success is a real inspiration for other sisters to look up to.

    And also a message to some people from other beliefs that believe Muslim women are oppressed. Contrary, our prophet peace be on him has given them the highest of ranks.

  7. Masha Allahu its very inspiring to read such story. The challenge is our society thinks that sports and education can not go together even for boys in Nigeria.

  8. Bismillah.
    Alhamadulila… this is a beautiful story. May Allah bless sister Hedaya and her family. By His Will may she be an inspiration to other Muslim sisters. Her dedication is greatly commendable.

  9. The best part of it all is her management/balance/productivity/professionalism…Mashallah.

    The only that that worries me is the exposure of a muslim woman to this extent.
    Doesn’t it violate the islamic rules of modesty; hijab?
    Hijab is an entire system for the muslim female, not only about wearing the hijab to “halalify” sports.
    The muslim world has nothing to prove by its females participating in any sport.
    Am I the only person who doesn’t think see this as being proper?

    I ask Allah to guide myself, you and the entire Ummah and guide us to the straight path and bless us with the correct understanding of islam. Ameen.

    • fatimabubakr… your concern is my concern as well, lately the media and many have limited the Hijab to just a scarf over the head. But it is much more than that. It is a complete misinterpretation of the Hijab itself. Many dressed in head-to-toe figure hugging clothes and just wearing a head scarf doesn’t make any Islamic. Burkini is one of such completely misguided Islamic dress.
      May Allah help everyone of to understand, follow and propagate Islam in its right essence

  10. Jazakallahu khair interviewing a great personality. Very inspirational and so much to learn and gain. May Allah help her in all endeavors for duniyah walAkhirah

  11. Excellent!
    Hijab curiosity for others to learn more about Islam. I love that phrase. It really is, hijab is who we are and why we are on earth. MashaAllah! May Allah almighty bless you in every field of life. Thanks to productive Muslim organisation as well for bringing such a inspiring articles, don’t want to miss on any of these.
    Stay blessed.

  12. Alhamdulillah she have inspired me greatly now more than ever I want to push the limits follow my dreams and succeed in sha Allah May Allah bless her and her entire family

  13. The story has been very inspiring, as I was reading, thinking about my two girls how they love going swimming.
    JazakAllah khair for the story.

    Jharna Chowdhury

  14. May Allah Subhanah bless her. I hope all muslim girls get inspired from her story. Personally, this article gave me a push and trust on what i’m going to launch soon inshaalah. And she was really right when she said “We just have to trust Allah’s subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) timing” and “never give up”.

  15. SubhanAllah…truly motivating…may Allah give her more and more success in this life and hereafter…what an inspiring true story to narrrate to my two little daughters.

  16. Masha Allah. Great interview by Hedaya. Very inspirational young girl from Egypt who won Olympics medal in Rio 2016. Many Many congratulations.
    Off course, our young generation has to keep them as role model & achieve success in their life and attain higher position whatever profession they work for .

    I request productive Muslim for more and more professional interviews of different successful personalities Their achievement & tips for success & grow professionally will sure help young professional like me
    to make them as role model and move ahead.

  17. Assalamu alaykum!
    The Interview is very productive.CONGRATULATION to her.The part which interesting me mostly is how she balance har time I’ll try my level best to balance my time.

  18. I believe that Muslim women are free more than anyone
    I believe we are free spiritually: we may be veiled but we have free minds and free bodies that we as Muslims choose to cover.

    Very well said, very wise words Hidaya, Muslim women don’t wear clothes as per societal norms but they chose to cover themselves, which says they are mentally and spiritually free rather than other way around

  19. Masha Allah ! It is nice to see the hijabis making us proud in the field like sports.Earlier Parents use to restrict girls from sports because of the unislamic uniforms but with the advent of sports hijabs the things have become much easier. Talking of hijabs, I am prompted me to share this beautiful information which can help other Muslimas in the field of sports :

  20. “The secret is to never give up and always keep trying to be better.” That’s what I should keep in mind.