Are You Living The Best Version of Yourself: Spiritually, Physically, & Socially?

Join our 6-weeks online live masterclass to learn practical, hands-on skills to win more days, overcome stress, and live the best version of yourself.

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How Can I Live My Best Life?

To live your best life, you need to master 3 things:

Your Energy

Your Focus

Your Time

These are the pillars of Productivity.

Only by mastering these 3 pillars, will you be able to live your best life spiritually, physically, socially.

Our live online masterclass will help you learn the practical hands-on skills you need to master the above 3 pillars.

What You'll Learn

A Faith-Based Approach to Productivity Science

  • The Islamic Psycho-Spiritual Perspective on the Self and What it means in your daily battles of life (at work, home, etc.).
  • How to practically tap into the Power of Barakah to maximize the impact of your daily efforts.
  • What to Eat (and not Eat), How to Sleep, and When/How to Exercise for Maximum Performance and Productivity.
  • Managing Smartphone/Internet Distractions, as well as, Emotional & Thought Distractions to maintain High-Level Focus in your day.
  • How to Link your Long-Terms Goals to Daily Actions & Build Your Schedule Around Your Energy and Focus levels.
  • What Habits & Routines Successful People Focus On & How to Build Them.
  • Putting all the above together, so you create a meaningful legacy for you after you die.
  • & so much more!..

What Makes This Masterclass Different?

When it comes to overcoming the daily grind of life and learning how to align who you are - spiritually, physically, socially - with who you want to be, the ProductiveMuslim Masterclass can help.  

We know how hard it is to balance between work, family, spirituality, and personal goals and still have time to rejuvenate and relax at the end of the day..

We understand how frustrating it is when you feel you're falling behind and can't keep up with commitments of life - missing prayers, missing appointments, and missing work deadlines..

That feeling, that you're losing the battle of life and the battle for your soul, is painful.  

In the midst of all this frustration, no one has the time to sift through hundreds of personal development books and productivity websites and try to decipher what's relevant to them or not. Nor do you have the time to cross check all that you're learning with your faith values and spiritual teachings.  

This is where the Productive Muslim masterclass comes in.  

We'll help you learn practical, hands-on knowledge and skills that would immediately help you live the best version of yourself: spiritually, physically, and socially. This is not theory. This is the practical stuff you were never taught in school.  

The Productive Muslim workshop is taught by Mohammed Faris, Author of "The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity". Mohammed has spent the last 10 years developing a body of knowledge that combines Islamic spiritual practices as well as modern productivity science to help you become the best version of yourself. He has delivered his signature workshop in over 15 countries and was featured on the TEDx stage, the World Domination Summit, and International media. Over 25,000 people have gone through his programs, and you could do too through the comfort of your home.  

You have one shot at life and you deserve to know how to live the best version of yourself every single day. Register for the Productive Muslim Workshop and start your journey towards your best self now.

The Productive Muslim Masterclass 6-Week Curriculum

Module 1 - Define Your Best Self

  • What Does It Look Like To Live Your Best Life
  • The 7 Stages of Reaching Your Best Self
  • The Intention-Action Gap
  • The Power of Productivity to Live Your Best Self

Module 2 - Spirituality & Your Best Self

  • How Islam Inspires You To Live Your Best Self?
  • The 3 Pillars of Faith-Based Personal Development
  • Barakah: The Missing Soul of Productivity
  • How Islam Can Be Misunderstood To Destory Productivity

Module 3 - Physical WellBeing & Your Best Self

  • The 3 Pillars of Physical Well-Being
  • Hack Your Sleep For Peak Performance
  • The Power of Nutrition to Boost Productivity
  • Exercise is NOT Optional for Best You

Module 4 - How To Manage Your Focus 

  • Why is it so hard to focus these days? Understanding the root cause.
  • Managing External and Internal Distractions.
  • Practical Tips To Boost Focus Your Focus Muscle. 

Module 5 - Staying Consistent

  • Why Motivation & Willpower is Overrated
  • Mastering Time by Managing Ourselves Not Time
  • The Power of Habits in Staying Consistent
  • How to Build New Habits (Destroy Old Ones)
  • Which Habits to Build First

Module 6 - Building Your Best Life

  • Your Best Life is Not About You
  • How to go beyond yourself and make an impact
  • Your Best Life Project
  • Building a meaningful legacy after your death

About Your Instructor: Mohammed Faris

Mohammed Faris is an international coach, author, and speaker who helps executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs live the best versions of themselves: Spiritually, Physically and Socially.  

He's the CEO of Leading Productive Lives, a productivity training company based in the US and Singapore and is the founder of the award-winning platform He's also the author of the best selling book “The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity”.  

Mohammed has delivered seminars and workshops in over 15 countries as well as featured on international media and on the TEDx stage.  

Over 25,000 people have attended his workshops and he continues to inspire millions of followers online.

In 2014, the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre added him to the World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims list.  

And in 2016, the Dubai Government awarded him the 2016 Islamic Economy Award in the Media category for his valuable contribution to the development of the global Islamic Economy.

What people are saying

"I joined the Productive Muslim masterclass (in Jan/Feb 2018) and saw the man up close and witnessed a well drilled open, but humble authority giving out guidelines on topics that he knew thoroughly, and interlaced with examples that we could all relate to. I can wholly recommend Productive Muslim and Mohammed Faris for beneficial, efficient and enjoyable life changing advice." 

~ Adnan Hasan, UK

"The marriage of Faith and Productivity - no other personal development program /coach does that and does it with ihsan!" 

~ Samia Ali, UAE

"the only Masterclass you ever need to attend. Worth every dollar in gold" 

~ Roqia Ali, UK

How Does This Work?

Step 1: Register For The Masterclass here

Step 2: Join 6 Live Online Sessions

Step 3: Apply what you learn

  • All Live Sessions take place on Saturdays at 10am US CST and last 90 minutes. Find your local time here.
  • Handouts and Recordings will be sent after each live session

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What Do I Get When I Register?

After register for the Workshop, you'll get a free physical copy of the Productive Muslim Book shipped to your doorstep (worldwide!) and One Year Premium Access to Productive Muslim Academy (valued at $149, includes: on-demand video training courses, monthly mentorship calls, book club, private facebook group & more!). 

What's My Investment?

What’s the cost of staying where you are - spiritually, physically, socially - and what impact does it have on your family, your health, your soul? How many career opportunities are you letting go because you feel overwhelmed and don’t think you can master any more responsibility in your life? How many people are expressing disappointment in you for always being late, busy, or simply distracted when they need you the most? What’s success & winning at life worth to you? And is it worth more than being a failure and a loser?

A Single Payment of $597 $497

Your Payment Includes:

  • Access to Productive Muslim Six Week Live Online Masterclass sessions
  • Lifetime Access to Recordings & Handouts 
  • Free copy of the Productive Muslim Book (ships worldwide)
  • One Year Premium Access to Productive Muslim Academy - valued at $149 (includes on-demand video courses, monthly mentorship calls, book club, private facebook group & more!)
  • Certificate of Completion

3 x Monthly Installments of $199

Your Payment Includes:

  • Access to Productive Muslim Six Week Live Online Masterclass sessions
  • Lifetime Access to Recordings & Handouts 
  • Free copy of the Productive Muslim Book (ships worldwide)
  • One Year Premium Access to Productive Muslim Academy - valued at $149 (includes on-demand video courses, monthly mentorship calls, book club, private facebook group & more!)  
  • Certificate of Completion

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will the live sessions be recorded?

Yes, all live sessions will be recorded and will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the session.

Q2. Will I have lifetime access to the masterclass recordings and materials?

Yes, you'll have access to a private secure link which will contain all recordings and materials. We encourage students to download the recordings and material to their personal computers so they access the material long after the masterclass is over.

Q4. I have a busy schedule, what if I fall behind? 

This masterclass has been crafted with busy people in mind. If you miss a class, you have a whole week to catch up on it. Once a session is uploaded, you'll be able to review, catch up or just revisit at any time.

Q5. How much time does the masterclass take each week?

We estimate that it takes 2 hours per week minimum to participate fully in the masterclass: 90 minutes for the online live session and another 30 minutes during the week to complete reflective assignments (don't worry, nothing too overwhelming!).

Q6. Will I have direct access to the course instructor?

Yes, the instructor normally remains online after each sesion to answer any questions live. There'll also be a bonus Q&A session at the end of the masterclass.

Registration Ends August 25th 2018, 11:59pm US CST.


What If This Doesn't Work For Me?

100% ZERO Risk.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Try the first four sessions of the masterclass, and if you don't like it, send us an email and you'll get a full refund, no questions asked!

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