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Where Does Your Money Go?

According to the most recent Census data, the average person earns nearly $2.7 million over his or her lifetime.

But here’s the problem - will that $2.7 million dollars be in your bank account by the time you’re 65?

Most likely…the answer is no.

So where does the money go after you’ve worked so hard for…year after year?

Mortgage, bills, daily expenses, the car, the children’s education etc.

But when we go back to the basics of wealth…

It’s not really about how much you are earning.

Many Muslims just want to have a higher paying salary, a bigger and more successful business that generates even more revenue.

And it’s great to have such aspirations (we all should, by the way)

While at the same time…we must make sure the money is halal and aligned to Islamic values.

And that’s the most important thing.

So that there is barakah in your income and blessings in your life from Allah s.w.t.

The Challenges Muslims Face When It Comes to Money

There are times you may have come across valuable knowledge on how to budget, invest, and manage your money from financial magazines or blog sites.

You feel like…finally this could be the solution to all your money worries.

Then you start thinking:

  • But wait a minute…can it be applied to me as a Muslim?
  • Will this be halal?
  • How do I find the best way to get out of debt?
  • Where do I go to check whether this investment is haram or halal?

You absolutely have zero idea.

The doubt, guilt, and uncertainty of what you are doing with your money.

You’re not clear of what to do…and it is frustrating.

It seems hard and complex.

All these…complicated numbers and financial rulings.

Deep know you should be doing something more proactively with your money.

Your savings, retirement, your children’s education, and caring for aging parents…all these responsibilities are piling up on you over time.

And the shrinking numbers in your bank account isn’t helping at all.

At this point, many Muslims give up managing their finances properly.

And how do we solve the money problem as a Muslim?

Well, many of us would typically turn to:

  • Conventional banking
  • Loans and dealing with riba (interest)
  • Investing in the stock market without even considering what is halal

But is there really...a better way?

And if there is a way, will it be complex and so hard to understand?

I’d love to share a solution with you.

But before that...just a quick formal introduction about me inshaAllah. :)

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My name is Joe Bradford. I’m an American scholar of Islam. I hold a Masters Degree in Islamic Law from the University of Medina and studied for 20+ years traditionally in the Muslim world.

My expertise as an Ethical Finance Advisor on issues involving Muslims and Finance in North America spans a number of areas. Whether through helping you create an Islamic Will through, vet your investments in the stock market through, plan your wealth through, or through my writings on, my goal has created value for the average Muslim who wants to demystify their financial lives.

More importantly, as a family man who worked in the corporate world, and had to navigate all the financial issues that people face in their day-to-day life, I understand what it's like trying to navigate the financial world on your own, especially as a person of faith.

I hope to be your guide and provide you a clear money action plan that will work for you inshaAllah.

Most Money Problems Aren't Really Problems About Money.

It's much deeper than that.

It’s a combination of how you were conditioned in society, your values, mindset, and the Islamic faith.

Wealth and money management isn't just about how much money you have...or don't have.

And you might be asking…

‘’So if conventional methods aren't going to work...then what will, Joe?’’

Great question.

Having studied for 20+ years traditionally in the Muslim world and then working corporate jobs…

I got a first-hand insight into the financial worries people face on a day to day basis.

Some issues are what I have experienced myself, and also the common pitfalls Muslims face when managing their money.

And I’d wish to guide and provide you with a clear, money action plan.

A plan that you can build on for the next 5, 10, or 15 years...while living a life full of barakah inshaAllah.

The Productive Muslim Money Masterclass

A 6-week live online program with Islamic Finance Expert Sh.Joe Bradford

Where Faith Meets Personal Finance

In this money masterclass, I intend to condense 12 years of experience as a faith-based financial advisor into 6 organized, easy-to-follow, live classes.

This will help you get a clear, values-driven financial roadmap for yourself and family.

Plus, you’ll be part of a global network of like-minded professionals who want to gain control over their money (vs. their money controlling them).

Session 1: Take Control of Your Money

It’s time you take charge of your financial health. Knowing exactly where you are with your money will give you a clear direction on how to go forward.

You will learn:

  • what your financial net worth is, and the plan for the coming years.
  • a simple, daily method to track what you own, earn and spend.
  • a system where you can capture all your financial assets and important documents.
  • how to stay organized in a way that is easy for you to maintain your finances.

Session 2: Budgeting Between Wants & Needs

If you don’t know where exactly your money is going every month, this session will be critical. Once you become aware of your wants and needs, you will begin to be more focused on how you manage your wealth. And to break away from living paycheck to paycheck.

You will learn:

  • how to differentiate between your wants vs needs
  • why tracking your money is the first step to building wealth
  • create a budget that is easy to use while supporting your goals
  • how to reduce your unnecessary expenses without being miserly

Session 3: Barakah Planning (Part 1)

Having money is one thing, but having money with barakah in it is even more important. And it all starts with small, easy decisions you’re making on a daily basis.

You will learn:

  • barakah culture vs. hustle culture
  • optimal income allocation for barakah
  • the massive compound effect of your small financial decisions over time
  • how to allocate your income between various categories to pay off your debts, contribute towards your savings, and give to charity.

Session 4: Money Psychology and Islam

Is your mindset getting in the way of managing your wealth in the right way? Most money problems run much deeper than just material wealth. It starts with how you think and feel about money. In this session, we will tackle the deep-rooted money habits you may have from an Islamic psycho-spiritual perspective.

You will learn:

  • the Islamic perspective on wealth
  • how to understand your current mindset about money
  • how to develop a barakah mindset vs a scarcity mindset
  • money psychology: how you think about earning and spending
  • How to use material wealth as a means of this life and the next

Session 5: Manage Money with Zakat/Charity

How can you use your money to fulfill the most important purpose in life? Being a 'Khalifah' (steward) of Allah on this earth. Learn the practical aspects of fulfilling the third pillar of Islam and its meaning by managing your money.

You will learn:

  • how to calculate zakat
  • your responsibility of being a steward of your money
  • how to create a charitable (sadaqah) portfolio
  • how to invest and use the charitable portfolio to help you in Akhirah

Session 6: Barakah Planning (Part 2)

In this session, we'll be dealing with the big decisions that impact the Barakah in your financial wealth over the long term. And tie everything together from what you’ve learned from Session 1-5 in a practical way.

You will learn:

  • how to save for major purchases
  • how to make investment decisions
  • How to support elderly parents- financially
  • how to secure your children's future - financially.
  • being secure in faith, mindset, and money
  • and being the most effective for ourselves, family and community.
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Our students ❤️ this program

"The course provides new knowledge that introduces the Islamic paradigm to manage personal finance and also addressed the emotional and psycho-social issues that underpin our “money” decisions"

- Ifedolapo Sulyman Olanrewaju, MD, MHI

"I feel empowered, confident, and in control of my financial life. My mindset has evolved from one focusing on scarcity to Barakah."

- Younus Mohammed, Control System Engineer

"The Masterclass has a holistic approach that Sh.Joe took by integrating mind, body, soul (loved the money mind!) - dunya and akhira"

- Zahra Cheema, Senior Financial Analyst


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