Do You Know How To Manage Your Money?


Join Personal Finance Expert Sh. Joe Bradford for a 6-week Productive Muslim Money Masterclass to gain clarity and control of your money & develop a practical faith-based financial roadmap for the next 5 years (& beyond!).

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What is the Productive Muslim Money Masterclass?

Where Faith Meets Personal Finance

The Productive Muslim Money Masterclass is a 6-week live online program with Islamic Finance Expert Sh.Joe Bradford covering the following topics:

Session 1: Take Control

We'll start the masterclass with a comprehensive review of all your financial assets and important financial documentation to take stock of where you are at financially and be ready to take control of your money.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand your Financial Net Worth
  • A Document to capture all your Financial Assets and important financial documents.
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Session 2: Where's your money going?

Understand where your money goes, compare where your money goes to what you want in life, and start creating a budget that you'll actually stick to.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Differentiate between Wants and Needs
  • Learn how to build Wealth
  • Create a budget that works for you
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Session 3: Barakah Planning (Part 1)

Start making small decisions that increase Barakah in your daily finances. Understand how to allocate your income between various categories to pay off your debts, contribute towards your savings, and give to charity.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Barakah Culture vs. Hustle Culture
  • What small decisions can lead to Barakah in your finances
  • Optimal Income Allocation for Barakah
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Session 4: Islam & Money Psychology

What Money Mind is getting between you and managing your money. How do we tackle the mindsets that are impacting our Money habits from an Islamic psycho-spiritual perspective?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand your Money Mind
  • The Islamic Psycho-spiritual perspective on Money
  • How to develop a Barakah Mindset vs. a Scarcity Mindset
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Session 5: Stewardship of Money Through Zakat & Charity

How can you use your Money to fulfill the most important purpose in life? Being a 'Khalifah' (steward) of Allah on this earth. Learn the practical aspects of fulfilling the third pillar of Islam and its meaning in managing your money.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Being steward with your money
  • Create your charitable portfolio
  • How to calculate Zakat
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Session 6: Barakah Planning (Part 2)

In session 3, we dealt with the small decisions that led to Barakah in your finances. In this session,we'll be dealing with the big decisions that can impact the Barakah in your financial wealth over the long term.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to make Investment decisions
  • Saving for Major Purchases
  • Securing your children's future - financially.
  • Supporting elderly parents- financially.
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Who's the Instructor ?

Joe Bradford is an American scholar of Islam. He holds a Master of Islamic Law from the University of Medina and studied for 20+ years traditionally in the Muslim world.

His expertise as an Ethical Finance Advisor on issues involving Muslims and Finance in North America spans a number of areas. Whether through helping you create an Islamic Will through, vet your investments in the stock market through, plan your wealth through, or through his writing on, his goal has created value for the average Muslim who wants to demystify their financial lives.

More importantly, Sh. Joe is a family man who worked in the corporate world, and had to navigate all the financial issues that people face in their day-to-day life. He understands what's it like trying to navigate the financial world on your own, especially as a person of faith.

He'll be your guide and he'll provide you a clear money action plan that will work for you inshaAllah.

“The course provides new knowledge that introduces the Islamic paradigm to manage personal finance and also addressed the emotional and psycho-social issues that underpin our “money” decisions”

Ifedolapo Sulyman Olanrewaju, MD, MHI

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The next Productive Muslim Money Masterclass will begin October 2020 insha'Allah. Add your email below to be notified when registration opens.