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    • Family issues can be very complicated and it’s difficult to answer since we don’t know the details of the situation. We’d advise you to speak with a mentor or a trusted scholar in your community to figure out the best way to deal with family issues. May Allah swt make it easy for you.

  1. I already started saving.
    From now on ill start learning the duas with meaning.
    Over joyed to see this mail.
    Jazaaka allah

  2. The article is very informative Mashallah.And whats morè the New format the articles Comes is a very nice intiative.

    Well the article will sure give me some thought over this very important pillar of Islam.Thanks for educating us all.

  3. Perfect!!!
    We should:
    Read, read, and read. Understand, focus, then apply.
    Save time and money, make intention, schedule, and go to Hajj.
    Intention and application lead to succeeded Dunnyia and Akhira.

    May Allah bless every path in helping people to prepare themselves for the Greatest Meeting of our Lord: رب العالمين .

  4. May Allah in His infinite mercy reward you for the enlightenment and guidance. This article would greatly benefits both those who have gone for Hajj and wish to go again and those who wish to go for the first time.

    Jazaakallah khaira jazaa

  5. Shukran Jazeelan for this beautiful article in fact gping for Hajj has been my daily Du’a because it’s one of the five pillars of Islam May Almighty Allah SWT grant my Du’a. MashaAllah.

  6. Assalamalaikum what ever you are saying is very true only thing a person must be a true lover of allaha faith and believe in allaha he will diffinatelly try hard to over come everything and do hajj and allaha too help him may allaha give everyone a chance to the house of allaha ameeen and I appreciate your way of helping people to plan a headfor hajj har insan ko tofeeq naseeb ho

  7. Salam alaykum! Another planning tip I would suggest is stopping bad habits and replacing them with beneficial ones. What are you doing now that you wish to stop doing after hajj? Or are there any good deeds pleasing to Allah that you want to start doing? Do you want to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, backbiting, telling lies? You can substitute that with voluntary fasting, talking less and keeping your tongue moist with dhikr. There is a long list of things we as muslims should strive (not )to do. Do not wait until you return from hajj, start now and in shaa Allah, when you throw the stones at jamarat, you would be stoning those bad habits good bye.

    P.S: Can I say just say jazakallah khairan for including the article in the body of the email. Awesome!

  8. Masha Allah,Hajj is definitely a journey of a life time. Nice article. May Allah continue to guide us towards the best always. Anyone planning to go for Hajj must purify his intention and have the fear of Allah which is taqwa. All other things will surely fall into place and with Allah’s mercy made easy.

  9. Baraka Allah fikum for the article. I’ve always been told by my teachers that we need to prepare for Hajj inwardly and outwardly. The inward preparation is in terms of some of the things mentioned in the article – intention, learn the seerah, memorise and understand duas etc. The most important outward preparation is to study the fiqh of hajj with a qualified scholar, so that one knows the rulings for the different aspects of the hajj – what is wajib, sunnah, haram etc as well as what things involve any expiation (and if so, what type of expiation).

  10. JazakAllah khair the article is my first step towards the amazing journey of Hajj we had made an intention but not started any planning and this is the perfect start making the experience already more worthwhile As always this forum has played a meaningful part in my life’s struggle and journey

    • Family issues can be very complicated. We’d advise you to speak in detail with a mentor or a trusted scholar in your community to figure out the best way to deal with family issues. May Allah swt make it easy for you.

  11. Bismillah
    Asalamu Aleikum Wa Rahmatul’laah

    Masha’allah this article really moved my heart Allah Akbar.

    I will try hard to be better person even though I’m dealing with my personal weakness.

    Please do dua for me that Allah subhanahu wata’ala increases my Iman and make it easy for me to do good deeds insha’allah.

    Wasalamu Aleikum Wa Rahmatul’laah

  12. Asalam’alaikum…this was article was helpful Jazhakallah’khair
    I used to think of what to save money for but Alhamdulillah I’ve gotten the best idea for what to do with it, may Allah reward you

  13. Bhai.,Good morning nice article to motivate each and everyone to visit the HAJJ with peaceful mind,One who visits Hajj and returns is nothing but HE/SHE is reborn.never miss this opportunity.So nice of you INSHA ALLAH.

  14. Jazakallahkhayran..
    What a very organised layout for my plan..
    I sort of hv some of the plans haphazard stashed somewhere in my brain, but simehow it’s now the time to prioritiise n act. Plan to go within 8 yrs hopefully the kids can look after themselves by then. Gotta be more dilligent with al-quran arabic lessons now.
    Ps: i totaly agree!! ‘Omar’ series is excellent!!

  15. Assalamu alaikum! Beautiful article indeed Masha Allah!

    Thankyou for the links to the series. I have read Muhammed (SAW) by martin lings, I always suggest people to start with that book and then go on to the other books of seerah. I have also read the sealed nectar and when the moon split. I will be getting my copy of the First Muslim soon. Please let me know of more biographies by different authors of Nabis seerah. Jazak Allahu khairan for the lovely write up and May Allah reward us with Jannah in Dunya and Aakhirah.