• Free Productivity Planners

    Download our four essential planners to live the best version of you: our daily planner, weekly planner & review, habit development planner, and goal setting planner.

  • The Productive Muslim Book

    This book will teach you the practical strategies you need to live the best version of yourself. It connects Islam to Productivity in a powerful and practical way. Available in paperback, Kindle/iBook, and audiobook format.

  • Online Academy

    An online platform for like-minded learners who want to connect Faith to Personal Development. Packed with training videos, PDFs, and exclusive interviews. Premium subscribers gain access to a book club, monthly mentorship call, and a private facebook group.




  • Online Live Masterclass

    A six-week online live masterclass to learn practical, hands-on-skills to win more days, overcome stress, and live the best version of you. Designed as a group coaching program to ensure maximum, long-lasting change for all participants.

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  • International Retreat

    Refresh, rejuvenate, and recharge with the Productive Muslim Retreat. Attend our 3-day weekend escape or 7-day retreat to press the reset button on your life, regain a sense of balance across your roles, and plan the next phase of your life.


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  • Private Workshop

    Help your team bring their best selves to work. With the proven Productive Muslim framework, we’ll equip your team with the practical strategies and tools to achieve consistent high performance and productivity towards your organizational goals while tapping into their spirituality and faith.

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