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  1. Excellent review, masha’Allah. Shaykh Muhammad Al Shareef is a pretty fantastic teacher, but I think the issues that you have mentioned most definitely MUST be addressed in order for this to be a professional Muslim time management programme.

  2. From Muhammad Alshareef:
    As salamu alaykum sister Callista,
    Firstly I’d like to stand up and applaud you for a super and wow’ingly thorough review. I read reviews all the time, and I must say you have impressed me.

    One of the things I liked about it is that although there were critiques, you said it with such maturity and politeness that no one could be offended.

    May Allah continue to bless all of us with noble character like the one you’ve displayed. That’s what its all about in the end: husn al khuluq.

    All your points well taken, and rest assured that your review will be a template for my team and I to review when we deliver the next WHOPPER of a FANTASTIC program! OH YEAH! :)

    I’d be honored to read your review on “Millionaire Who Went to Jannah” when you get around to writing it up.

    If I can be of any assistance, please let me or my team know.
    Your super cool F1 racing bro: Muhammad Alshareef

    • Salam ‘alaikum Shaykh,
      Thank you so much! I’m humbled and flattered that you read my review and I’m so glad that you liked it, alhamdullillah wa masha’Allah. I can’t take all the credit, the editors here at PM took my rough review and made it better, so I want to acknowledge them as well masha’Allah (I tend to be very wordy lol). I’m so glad you understood that I was not trying to be critical and took it in the spirit it was intended. Again thanks for your kind words. :)
      Please keep making amazing programs for us, the Ummah needs it!

    • Salam ‘alaikum again Shaykh,
      I just wanted to add that when you were advocating getting a life coach for this and that, I didn’t really take it seriously at first. Then, subhanAllah, life coaches and mentors for various aspects of my life that I’ve been wanting to improve on for years began popping up all over the place, and it truly *does* make a difference! Opportunities keep presenting themselves, and now I’ve got myself a health/fitness coach and a Quranic Arabic coach, and there seem to be more but I can’t think of them now off the top of my head. I feel so blessed alhamdullillah. :)
      Jazak Allah khair!

  3. Great review, Masha’Allah. I have also bought the Time Traveler series and was rather put off when I didn’t see any mention of GTD in the promotional videos or elsewhere.

    Sh. Muhammad is still trying to make a difference and grow leaders, so I applaud him for creating these essential videos. If credit was given where it was due, then I think that would just raise the bar of excellence.