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  1. SubhaAllah the video is scary, when you realize how many times you have had those exact words, only to open your eyes when the sun is rising. May Allah give us strength to continue to fight off this sleep when time for fajir comes in inshaAllah.

    Just out of interest are there any articles on how to wake up for tahjood prayers as i find it difficult to get up with fajir being early these days. Every time i think of Allah descending to the lowest part of heaven asking his servants, among whom are awake making dua to Allah that he may answer their prayers.

  2. Salaam
    Wallahi i watched this and i felt soooooooooooo angry at Shaytaan..but then i realised who my first enemy was….which is myself….on the Day of Judgement Shaytaan will say that he only told u sto do it and will not take any accountability for our sins…so next time you want to want to listen to music, go on haraam websites, backbite, lie or anything in the disobedience of Allah think again on Judgement Day the fingers are going to be pointing at you as you are the one accountable for ALL your deeds…….Remember that time you missed fajr?? Why did u have to listen to that DEVIL ?? Hate him as much as you can and dont give him a CHANCE for u to sin

    May Allah make us all strong against the whisperings of Shaytaan and make us able to THROW HIM DOWN RIGHT IN TO THE GROUND !!!!! (as zain bhikha says =] )


  3. @ Amatullah – JazakiAllah khair for your comments! True, we need to realise who our true enemy is. Although I won’t go as far as saying that our nafs being our enemy. Because our nafs has the potential to become worse than shaytaan or better than angels, we just need to know how to deal with it. Think of the nafs like a child, which likes sleep, food, and having a good time, we need to upbring the child with wisdom and good conduct to become the true servant of Allah. We need to teach it that shaytaan is like that bad friend who teaches them bad manners that gets them into trouble. It’s a constant battle, and iblees has thousands years of experience, but if we stick to Quran and the Sunnah of our prophet, inshaAllah we’ll easily battle him. May Allah (swt) make our nafs desire all that’s good and hate all that’s bad and make us of those who have a calm and sincere nafs.