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The Wellness Masterclass with Richard Jordan

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“There are two blessings which many people waste: health and free time.” 

- Hadith in Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 6049

Sometimes, we only truly cherish what we have... when we actually lose it. 

It might have been a family member who passed on, our health and well-being, or how we spend our time on a day-to-day basis. 

We aspire to lose weight, be healthier... but lead sedentary lifestyles.

We want to avoid chronic illnesses, but we don't watch what we eat.

We want to have more energy and zest in life, but don't invest time in good sleep and exercise. 

And with the lack of time... many of us turn towards the "quick fixes".

Looking into inappropriate hacks and shortcutsrather than the health and wellness practices that are already prescribed within the Islamic faith.

And what’s worse?

The appalling amount of conflicting information you’ll get from the media, big pharma and even differences in medical opinions when you visit different doctors.

Which makes it even more important to be careful when you look for ways to improve your health and wellness.

And with so much confusion and overwhelm, it’s no surprise why many people just give up taking proper care of their well-being.

When we are chronically unwell... it is much harder to show up as our best selves spiritually. 

Having good mental, physical and spiritual health is the foundation of your ibadah towards Allah s.w.t. 

But what if there was actually a safer and proven way to enhance your health?

A practice that has been working for more than 1400 years?  

Registration for Wellness Masterclass is now closed.

Meet Your Instructor

Salaam, my name is Richard Jordan. I have been trained and certified in the following: 

  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach HLC1
  • Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist (Global Healthcare Resources)
  • Precision Nutrition Coach Pn1
  • Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (Back School of Atlanta)
  • Certified in Scientific Core Conditioning (CHEK Institute)
  • Metabolic Conditioning Coach NESTA
  • Certified in the Foundations of Heart Rate Variability (HRV Course)
  • Certified Meditation Guide (Natural Healer)

Like many of us, I have been striving to improve my health throughout different stages of my life. Experimenting with multiple fitness modalities, dietary lifestyles, and a variety of health "hacks".  It was only in my 40s when I became aware of what works best for me. And learned how to listen to the signals from my own body. 

Through much trial and error, alhamdulillah I can honestly say I’ve reached my greatest levels of health, fitness, and general well-being in my mid-40s.  And you know what’s more surprising? I discovered that the heath and wellness lifestyle habits are already embedded within Islam.

You see, I have been a Muslim for almost 30 years.

But sadly, I was looking elsewhere for the optimal lifestyle that would support my vitality, wellness, and life-performance.  If you’ve had similar experiences... it isn't your fault. The solution may be right under our noses. Just that we don’t apply it in our modern life... because we don’t know how. The thing is: we were given the ultimate blueprint for success in life and the hereafter in the Qur'an and Sunnah. 

There is no other blueprint that exists that is truly holistic. We often hear that Islam is not just a belief system, but is also a lifestyle. But this truth has not been fully realized by so many of us. If we take a deep dive into Islamic lifestyle practices with regards to mindfulness, nutrition, movement, sleep rhythms, environment, relationships, stress management etc, we will realize that the answers have already been provided to us. 

It is through these principles that I have had the greatest success personally as well as with my clients, helping many to accomplish what I think we can all agree is the most important of pursuits.  Which is why I’d like to invite you to our upcoming Wellness Masterclass. 

What You Will Learn

The Wellness Masterclass is a 4-week online training program.


Wellness defined — holistic wellness and performance in-light of the Islamic lifestyle paradigm.

Teaching Session

  • An introduction to the pillars of holistic health and wellness.
  • Self-assessing and setting our intentions.
  • The two forces—an exploration of the two forces of balance.

Working Session

  • Homeostasis—achieving balance through lifestyle practices.
  • Breath—our superpower.
  • The power of prayer, gratitude, and compassion.


Movement — making movement a part of our identity.

Teaching Session

  • The Sunnah movement lifestyle.
  • Hacks to mimic the movement of our predecessors.
  • Posture and psychology.
  • Why movement is one of the last available frontiers for our health optimization.
  • Easy to implement movement assignments (no gym required!).

Working Session

  • Movement.
  • Organizing and stabilizing our bodies.
  • Demonstration and participation in Functional Movement Patterns.


Circadian rhythms — our connection to the alternations of night and day.

Teaching Session

  • Sleepour greatest medicine.
  • Islamic emphasis on rhythms.
  • The Barakah of the morning.
  • Sleep hygiene.
  • Steps and hacks to begin our journey towards sleep optimization.

Working Session

  • Personalized planning.
  • Bio-hacks and habit stacks.


Nutrition — eating the good things which Allah has provided.

Teaching Session

  • Exploring the Islamic relationship with food.
  • Mindful eating.
  • The “Real Food” diet and life-performance nutrition.
  • Taking our first steps towards a new relationship with food.

Working Session

  • Bringing it all together.
  • Final Q&A.

Our Students 💚 This Program!


“Being a doctor, the Wellness Masterclass helped me a lot!

Dr. Asif Mehmood


“This class taught me how to do the basics: to breathe, eat sleep and move properly!

Samia Ali


“Just wanted to say a massive JazakAllah khair to Richard! It was really life-changing!


“Richard demystifies health practices of mindfulness, nutrition, sleep, stress and physical activity and helps you understand the role they all play in unison, in our lives from both a deep scientific perspective and Islamic lens.

Kandeel Butt

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