[Doodle of the Month] Ten Fabulous Tips to Get Organised!

[Doodle of the Month] Ten Fabulous Tips to Get Organised!

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About the Author:

Aneesah Satriya is a Master of Architecture student in the UK, but originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has an avid interest in crafts, the visual arts and da’wah through social networks. While attending various talks and conferences during her year back home (including a Productive Muslim seminar!), she started to “doodle” notes in her sketchbook, with the intention of sharing them with friends who could not make it. Surprisingly, the scanned visual notes became very popular on Facebook and were shared among attendees and non-attendees alike. Aneesah now produces doodles based on Productive Muslim articles, and also volunteers to design for Islamographic.com.

13 thoughts on “[Doodle of the Month] Ten Fabulous Tips to Get Organised!

  1. I really need to do this! But I am having such a hard time staying productive during homework/studying for exams because of the internet. Especially when I need my computer for studying, the world wide web keeps distracting me :(

  2. Masha Allah.
    Its really awesome and most wanted.Alhamdulillah I have been doing most of it though I’m facing a productivity slump few days back.
    Can anyone suggest of any tools for keeping track of our progress.tip 10.

  3. i will start this schedule from tomorrow and try my level best to cling on to it…..this is my a levels 2nd year and i have lot of pressure on me rite now…..hope Allah will help me to be a better Muslim

  4. I highly recommend the app called Any.Do. Works on iPhone/Android and in your browser so your tasks can be in front of you all the time :) And the interface is so quick, simple and clean. Makes keeping a task list fun. Try it :)

    1. Jazak Allah khairan brother.the App has worked wonderful with me Alhamdulillah.
      The reminders n all has reduced me frm procrastinating.thumbs up.:-):-)

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