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[Reader Discussion] Being Productive When You’re Not Feeling Well

[Reader Discussion] [Reader Discussion] Being Productive When You're Not Feeling Well | Productive Muslim

Alhamdulillah, we’ve been sharing many tips and resources on how you can work better and be a truly productive Muslim. Now it’s your turn to help our readers!

Every month, we will host a Productive Muslim’s reader discussion thread where you can share and learn from each other tips that help you become more productive.

Thank you for the many interesting opinions and tips on last month’s discussion on your favourite e-mail hacks! The theme for this month is productivity when you’re ill.

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5 Top Tips for Productive Muslimah Outings

Productive Muslimah

5 Top Tips for Productive Muslimah Outings | Productive Muslim

Photo by Memphis CVB: flickr[dot]com/photos/ilovememphis/

Outings are a fun way to get out of the bustle of life, relax and connect with fellow Muslimahs – meeting our girlfriends, eating good food, swapping stories and the latest updates of our personal lives. Although these outings can be fun, they can also be a source of sins. Here are some tips on how we can make them enjoyable and productive too!

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