How to Plan & Execute an Effective Routine (Part 1)

An effective and productive daily routine ensures personal, social, professional, and spiritual success for an individual, transforming one from ordinary into an extraordinary Muslim.

If you wake up without a productive daily routine, fit for a Muslim lifestyle, then it should not be surprising that you end up complaining about having too few hours in the day. A complete routine is a combination of spiritual, physical, mental, and social components.

There are several helpful personal management strategies and tools that can be used to support a productive routine. We’ll discuss some tools in this part.

Handy Tools for Productive Planning

Successful planning cannot be done mentally unless you are Merlin the Wizard. However, you can use a mix of traditional and contemporary tools to become a productive planner.

  • Daily and weekly planners are available as paperback notebooks, mobile phone applications, and computer desktop gadgets for you to track your daily, weekly, and monthly routine conveniently.
  • To-do lists should be made on paper or a mobile phone/computer notepad to plan each day’s activities.
  • Calendars help track short-term and long-term deadlines and important events. You should have convenient access to a wall/table calendar, a desktop/mobile calendar application, or a pocket calendar for your purse.
  • Reminders can be set via traditional means such as post-its on your desktop or refrigerator, or alarm clocks. Technology has gifted us mobile phones and e-mail that can be set to ping us for scheduled reminders. Personally, I also have a bulletin board (magnetic/chipboard) on the wall above my work desk where I pin up important notes.

In Part 2, we will look at effective planning advice and secrets to a productive daily routine Insha Allah.

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11 thoughts on “How to Plan & Execute an Effective Routine (Part 1)

  1. Trying to be productive is something Ive tried, but I just cant seem to do it and my life is such a mess for it! I wouldnt even know where to start. How do people find the will power?! I need major help!

    1. yep inshaAllah see a counsellor… a muslim counsellor wud be the best!!

      u hv ti find out ur aim in  life…. greed for the jannah will make u super duper productive iA

    2. yep inshaAllah see a counsellor… a muslim counsellor wud be the best!!

      u hv ti find out ur aim in  life…. greed for the jannah will make u super duper productive iA

    3. Will power is a trait locked inside you. You have to discover it and put it into gear. A person can only motivate you to walk in a particular direction i.e. provide you the drive. Only you have the power to lift your feet up and walk. Pray to Allah to develop your will power. Prayers work, if you are motivated in the right direction.

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