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  1. i was looking forward for this topic,my search ended on this site.Finally,the quote”Improve your secret and private life, and Allah will improve your public and social life” was really bombardic to me.

  2. Alhamdulilaah
    I am preparing for a talk I want to give in sha Allah based around this topic and may Allah aid me in that.
    May Allah also bless the author for the compiling of this amazing article! Ameen…You ask ‘Enjoyed this article?’ – I reply by saying absolutely yes!! SubhaanAllah

    I wanted to tell you that in ‘The 4th lesson’ of ‘Some lessons from the Qur’an to ponder on’ – Brother, it is Chapter 3 but in verse 191 not 192. I just dont want others to be misled and in sha Allah want the reward, and you have done an amazing effort, so may Allah reward you for that too.

    I hope you understand that I am doing this for the better.

    Asalamu aleykum and jazak Allahu khairan

    • Wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullah Sr. Muna,

      JazakiAllah khair for pointing that out! We’ve updated the reference.

  3. This article ended to soon. Just like out of the blue! Maybe you were tired or couldn’t think of anything else to write? Alhamdulilah .

  4. Subhanalah this is so wonderful, i was nowadays struggling this life balance and it is actually shocking me to see this article. Jazakumulah kheyran wajaza

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